The Infiltrator

The Infiltrator

A U.S Customs official uncovers a massive money laundering scheme involving Pablo Escobar.

A crime drama is directed by Brad Furman and starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger, Benjamin Bratt, John Leguizamo, and Amy Ryan. The film based on the autobiography of U.S. Customs special agent Robert Mazur. In 1980s, he undercovered as a pivotal player for drug lord Pablo Escobar and helped bust Pablo's money-laundering organization. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick M (fr) wrote: 2.5 hours of histrionic people sitting around drinking wine and sleeping with each other, then a sad part at the end? Yep, it's a French film alright!

Jose G (nl) wrote: Gets a little old after a while.

Haryo P (br) wrote: good and funny elephant...

Betty W (ag) wrote: Peter Stormare and Steve Buscemi? Uh, I'm watching that.

Tyler P (es) wrote: Thriller (trop) consensuel.

Dave B (gb) wrote: One of my all time favorite movies. A must see for sure.

Luca B (fr) wrote: Visually stunning, but terribly pointless

Walt S (gb) wrote: One of the worst movies of all time!! It is as if every "actor" in this went to UN-acting class just before filming it. In fact, calling this a bad movie is an insult to bad movies the world over!!! Please save yourself the aggravation and do not watch this imitation of a movie!

Matthew J (gb) wrote: It begs to be analyzed within a feminist framework, and the historical context of the sense of emasculation in post-WWII France makes it even more interesting.

Chris (es) wrote: God bless Something Weird for giving us the opportunity to see crazy shit like this.

Nate T (ca) wrote: Well-done time filler. On Blu-ray.

Calum B (gb) wrote: Easter Parade features two of the best known entertainers in movie history, glorious music, fresh Technicolor and amazing - and I mean amazing dancing routines. Prepare to be entertained and amazed! There is no other way to describe the creative, fun and bedazzling colour, costumes and dances.Popular dancing team Don Hewes (of course, Astaire) and Nadine Hale (wonderful singer/dancer/actress Ann Miller) break up because Nadine wants to pursue her own career. Don Hewes is determined to find a new dancing partner and to make her a smash... and guess who he finds - unknown dancer Hannah Brown (Judy Garland) - who he picked out randomly. It is a relatively simple and sweet story, however flimsy it may be. You find yourself not really caring about the plot as you are emerged in a world of spectacular song, dance, costume and colour.Three musical sequences stick in my mind: firstly, Ann Miller's mind boggling tap dance 'Shakin' the Blues Away'. Not only a great song, but an incredible dance. Then there is Fred's turn in the toy shop. The timing for that is beyond belief. Everything is perfection - the music, the decor, the dance. It isn't an ordinary Tapdance because he uses rhythm, drums and instruments to give it a more flavour. I honestly don't know how he does it. Lastly, 'Down the Avenue' is one of my favourite songs. I laugh every time I see Judy Garland and Fred Astaire - two absolute legends - dressed up as bums!! Some very famous and spectacular dancing - top notch.Along the way there are a few laughs (Garland really helps the comedy side), but I mainly watch this movie for it's eye candy. It is a perfect way to escape reality and dive into the world of the magnificent MGM musical. One of the best.

John M (jp) wrote: Old-school thriller, with a tense atmosphere wrung from ordinary settings, and multilayered characters that keep you guessing.

Petros K (au) wrote: [Holbrook is] wonderful.22 5 2013

Jesse O (gb) wrote: I don't really have much to say about this movie, it has some fine performances from its cast. But there's this feeling of overt sentimentality emanating from this film. It is never nauseating and there's not one specific scene I can point to, it's just the overall tone of the film is sentimental. The movie is also never as clever as it wants to be, but that's not a problem because the movie is still funny and charming. I did like the setting very adds character to the film. And at least the movie doesn't let its characters become unlikable with their actions, their reasoning is sound and they do plan to do good with that money, instead of it going to the government due to Ned's passing. The whole thing is fairly predictable, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. This is a charming little movie with a really good cast.