The Informant

The Informant

A young IRA member is forced to turn informant on his comrades when he is caught in an assassination attempt on a judge.

A young IRA member is forced to turn informant on his comrades when he is caught in an assassination attempt on a judge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vickey G (au) wrote: Gee, interesting timing, same release date as "2016: Obama's America", Dinesh D'Souza's documentary that exposes the man behind the myth he's created for himself. I think I'll go see that one instead. I'm sick of all the sycophants (like the producers of this movie) who refuse to see the damage this man is doing to our country, following him like lemmings right off the cliff.

Kevork O (ru) wrote: Chuan Lu's merciless and simultaneously deeply humane dissection of the Rape of Nanking features up there with the very best of wartime drama. Must-see.

Jonathan W (ag) wrote: Good, but not as funny as the trailer makes out.

Russell G (mx) wrote: Do not go into this one looking for quality story construction, a good mystery, or suspense. The main selling point here is sex appeal of Sharon Stone and William Baldwin. A woman moves into a condo only to discover that the previous resident was a victim of a mysterious murder. Even more interesting the victim greatly resembles her. It is a promising setup where this vulnerable woman is instantly suspicious of everyone in her building and rightfully fears that she may be the next victim. Instead of using subtly, misdirection, and a dramatic process of elimination, the plot quickly derails. Anti-climatically the list of suspects instantly narrows down to two of the residents. It turns into a sticky story of observation and a dysfunctional love triangle. One of the suspects is a voyeur who watches every inch of every unit in the building through hidden cameras. This is the operative plot element, but it muddles everything. It would be better off sticking with a traditional who-done-it formula. A little steaminess is fine, but there needs to be substance to go with it. Not to ruin anything, but it also has a terrible ending that makes no sense.

Scott R (us) wrote: Cheesy love story about a rich man and a poor woman who meet in a hotel where he is playing hop scotch and she is a manicurist. It was fun, but scripted.

Ben D (ca) wrote: A tender hearted, spirited little film that brings together a wonderful cast of characters for a closely observed human tale about old schoolfriends coming together again. Timothy Hutton is particularly good, and Natalie Portman in a very early role shows much of the talent that marks her later career. Ted Demme handles everything humanely, and as a consequence Beautiful Girls is a film well worth tracking down.

Callie L (ca) wrote: fun adventurous story

Marah R (nl) wrote: No story, no horror, no action, no thrill. Couldn't even finish!