The Inheritance

The Inheritance

Caroline Ruthyn is the teen-aged niece of the her uncle Silas, a sickly and at one time unbalanced man who becomes her guardian on the death of her father. The fact that Silas is broke and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen H (ru) wrote: Pretty sure we saw this already, it's in hubby's list.

Private U (jp) wrote: denne var litt mer enn ok, fr gi den litt trekk pga. slitsom kamerafring. hadde s store forventninger til denne, at de kanskje ble for vanskelige leve opp til.

Lee P (kr) wrote: I'm the first person to review this one. Let me be the last....just bloody awful. This was a complete mess from start to finsh. AVOID

Ben L (de) wrote: Delicatessen takes place entirely in a strange post-apocalyptic past (I say past because all the decoration, technology, and everything else seems somewhat ancient.) In this horrific world people are all starving because food is so scarce, and food actually becomes the currency of society. Within this awful world is an apartment building that sits over a butcher shop, where the butcher lures in unsuspecting people in order to kill them and sell their flesh to the starving residents of his building. One of the nice things about Delicatessen is that it doesn't bore the audience with lots of exposition about how the world came to be this way, you just have to go with it. Also, the structure of the society they've formed in this building is nicely presented in gradual steps throughout the film. In fact every aspect of this world is really well-defined without much expository dialogue, with the possible exception of the troglodytes. They have this whole society of underground people that never really get fleshed out so that you can understand how they are interacting with the rest of the world. All we hear is there's some friction between the 2 societies (under and over ground.) I'll get back to these guys later.I did enjoy a lot of the actors in this film, especially Dominique Pinon who is particularly charming. This is vital for the character of Louison, because we're supposed to see how the residents of the building slowly become attached to him, and Pinon nails that portrayal. I also found certain aspects to be genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, in particular the suicidal wife who continues to fail in getting someone else to kill her. However there was just something about the story that I wasn't connecting with. It was entirely too odd for me. I wanted to care more about the characters but I did not. The whole world was so removed from my own reality that I was having trouble even deciding who I was supposed to be rooting for (aside from Louison, who I think was the protagonist.) Even the butcher had a strange moment where it appeared he was having a change of heart, but then mere moments later he has the most dramatic case of blood-lust one can imagine. But my biggest problem with the movie are those troglodytes. For the longest time I thought they were going to be the deus ex machina that would resolve all the problems, but in the final climactic scenes they played an extremely inconsequential role. So it led me to ask, what was the point of even adding them to the story other than just making things more strange? Delicatessen is not a bad film, it definitely has its moments, but the overall story did not work for me at all.

alan d (mx) wrote: chuck norris kicks again

Jar S (fr) wrote: The Horror... The Horror

Private U (nl) wrote: They are all much more human now. The Australian kid has changed the most, able to articulate his morosity now.

Kevin D (us) wrote: Once the final race in the film was completed I felt inspired and felt goosebumps because the film had finally come to an end. I didn't have to deal with any more predictable schmaltz. Every thing in this movie can be seen from a mile away. Every relationship between the characters feels artificial and condescending. The actors in this film are not playing characters, they're playing caricatures. The movie felt empty and passionless to me. The film meanders and tries to do too much at once. It does everything half-heartedly at that. The romance is in the movie because it has to be. The movie has scenes where our heroes, the underdogs, fight scumbag college kids because movies like this always need scenes like that. This movie was just a coming of age inspirational sports film that starts optimistically, it has moments where our hero drops to rock bottom, and then finally he accomplishes his goal. In between all of that, we aren't offered anything new. This was a result of laziness on almost everything that went into the film. It's unfortunate this Breaking Away had nothing new to bring to the genre. I went in so optimistically because this is one of my friend's dad's favorite movies. The same man whose favorite genres include exploitation movies, Japanese horror, and weird ass movies in general. What a shame, there's nothing exciting, invigorating or inspirational about this movie.

John M (mx) wrote: This creepy little gem of a made for TV movie has been dusted off and remade, let's hope the new one is just as frightening as the original.

Robert R (it) wrote: Although it is more of a lighthearted drama than a straight-up comedy, "Waking Ned Devine" still presents a wholesome message and some delightful performances.