The Inheritance

The Inheritance

Rome, 1880. Gregorio Ferramonti (Anthony Quinn) has decided to close his bakery, the family business. Then he tells his sons Pippo (Gigi Proietti), Mario (Fabio Testi) and Teta that they will have to fend for themselves. But Irene (Dominique Sanda), the wife of Pippo, a beautiful, calculating and ambitious young woman, wants to take over the inheritance. Acting on intelligence, weighing every step and its consequences, she manages to convince the brothers that they must prevent at all costs that his father falls in love again to avoid the risk of losing their inheritance.

Quinn plays a retired bakery tycoon, alienated from his two sons and jealously guarding his vast wealth... until a cunning young beauty (Sanda) enters the picture, marries one son, seduces ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nadia C (ca) wrote: Very funny and well made. Thanks Mr Lee.

Shaun G (es) wrote: Nothing more than a low budget tv movie. As far as boxing movies go like Raging Bull and Cinderella Man, this is way down the ladder. Ving Rhames couldnt box apples either, so maybe he wasnt a good choice to play the part of the World Heavyweight Champion.

Kathryn M (ag) wrote: She can't act. He can, but barely. Many a corny line and lots of nothing happening. Tension through the competition, tension in the relationships, none of it comes across.

Alexis M (ag) wrote: My love for Keaton is real.

Philip G (de) wrote: Amiable low-budget comedy, which starts off as a total mess (as if someone is trying to punk Kirstie Alley), but pulls itself together by the end.

Adam P (kr) wrote: A uniquely disorienting and unsettling descent into the mind of a lonely psychotic. It uses disturbing imagery and some pathetic imagery in a way that represents the wounded psyche of a serial killer in a way few films ever have, or dare to. I preferred it to 'Nekromantik', though it's in a similar realm of extreme arthouse.

Ca H (au) wrote: Whilst it's a bit unbelievable at times and incredibly idealistic, this is still an solid film with a great arc, plenty of laughs, some excellent performances and a few lovely messages.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: A pretty fun movie....Broderick is awesome here in a movie about a smart nerdy high schooler who taps into a sophisticated computer system that can create war....It's suspenseful and keeps you entertained because the pacing is so good.It's a creative movie and the tension of the Cold War was full blast making the movie even better.It is a little cheesy at some points but I like the lengths the movie went was far fetched in a way but popcorn entertainment nonetheless.

Kim B (de) wrote: Even gene kelly couldn't save this terrible 80s inspired movie. This movie was more gay and flamboyant than Richard Simmons sparkly outfits. Not sure if they could've thrown in a little more neon or sparkle into any more frames. Pretty much a nonsense movie that only prob little kids would like during the 80s. I don't think any straight man would like this movie. It is extremely outdated, cheesy, terribly acted, poorly written script (what there was of one), boring movie. The song numbers went on and on and so did most of the dancing numbers especially at the end omg how many more outfit changes and stupid song numbers can u throw in there? The plot was extremely terrible and silly with very flat uninspired characters. The only thing I appreciate in this movie is the main message and you can tell there was a lot of dancing talent even if everything else in this movie sucked. I couldn't understand all the roller skating. Olivia Newton John what were u thinking?

The Movie G (gb) wrote: L.O.V.E this MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neil O (it) wrote: Though from this stage of his career he was pretty much relegated to Poverty Row flicks, Lugosi chews the scenary to wonderful effect in this PRC release from 1941. Great fun.

Joshua B (jp) wrote: A great true story movie with a sad ending, Bryan Singer does a good job with this one.

Martyn M (es) wrote: A parody and plagiarism of other movie genres and characters, Van Helsing becomes a tough guy, gunslinging outlaw in the style of Indiana Jones/ Clint Eastwood western cowboy. His paymasters, The Vatican, come complete with their own gadget factory, headed by their own Q. And Kate B is in one of her usual roles as a tough, kick-ass bitch, but with more emphasis on the bitch in this. In fact, the good guys are so bad that they come across as people who are not much better than the actual bad guys. We even get the fall off the top of a tall cliff ploy twice, once with a team of horses and a carriage. The monsters are loose, and so off goes our anti-hero into round after round of violent action in a movie that is devoid of a decent storyline, an anarchic mess of a plot with characters of little depth. Stereo-typical dialogue that comes across as more tongue-in-cheek, than any attempt to raise the standards of performance. The superb scenery and the gothic, steampunk costumes cry out for something much better than this, as does the quality of performers used.

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