The Inheritor

The Inheritor

After his father is killed in a plane crash, Bart Cordell returns back home to France to claim his inheritance: to lead the industrial empire his father built. But when a prostitute tries to set him up for a drug smuggling charge, he is forced to accept that his father may have been assassinated and that the killers are out to get him as well...

Bart Cordell, is unanimously considered as a daddy's boy and an insignificant playboy. So, when he suddenly becomes head of his father's financial empire following his death,nobody ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chandradeep D (fr) wrote: A film from the heavens. A filmmaker probably from the same place.

Jacqueline A (ca) wrote: by far the best movie of all time, stunning performance by lead roles jake morgan and jake brashear.

halima m (mx) wrote: saw it, all of it and bonus, it was lame jokes, no originality, a stereotypical broader line racist observation, as you will notice the Africans themselves did not laugh at his jokes, in response, he busted on them .the film was careful not to have any audio from his standup performance in front of mainly white SOUTH AFRIAKKANERS, they producers knew American are more conscious / critical of slocky humor

Mlanie M (es) wrote: sa a l'air trop triste

Caleb C (au) wrote: The last 15 minutes of this slight parody mix of horror/bizzare/comedic version of a David Lynch film is something not to be forgotten. This one is not for most, but for fans of the asia extreme films, this is for you.

Juli N (nl) wrote: This flicks a better sleep aid than Ambien!

Valerie W (de) wrote: This is a really good movie. I cry everytime I see it!

Sebastian E (us) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen, but the sound track is hilarious.

Jayaseti P (it) wrote: I actually really like this movie. This film gives the malevolent perspective on extraterrestrials and alien abduction based on actual event. You see the little alien greys in this movie with a bit of a cyborg-like characteristic. Demonic-like resemblance. These sure weren't the Pleiadians...

barry h (fr) wrote: 2/5 stars a charming disappointment

Jason G (ag) wrote: The thing that bothered me MOST about this film was how it looked like it was shot on VIDEO. Seems minor, right? Well... fine! But It seemed to be missing the granduer that shooting on FILM gives a movie...and when you compound that with the rest of the films' shortcomings, it kind of makes it difficult to give the film a higher mark. It feels like Fulci just threw something together to meet a contractorial obligation or something... Having said that... I thought it was well acted and the main players did well with the story they were given. The soundtrack was as horrible as you can imagine...(another strike against the production). The score was far too modern for a "western" and modern only as far as the mid-seventies would allow. Bad soundtracks in a western always strike me as both strange and unforgivable... How hard is it to write music that "sounds" like it belongs in a western... and not a bad 70's porno? Tomas Milan steals the show (as has come to be expected in anything he's in...) in the role of Chaco. Enjoyable... but for me, lacks the "re-watchability" of other Spaghetti westerns of the day. Worth at least one viewing for fans of the genre...

Phil H (us) wrote: Fantastic title for a film this, quintessential 50's sci-fi schlock with a typical tacky title that tells you everything you need to know, but it sounds so damn cool! The funny thing is this film really should be called 'Earth vs the USA' because there isn't really anyone else involved. How dare those pesky aliens even think about attacking the US of A! Stars n Stripes away lads!So plot...UFO's attack the Earth, USA attacks back, USA wins, the end. What would we do without the USA? I ask ya. Much like 'It Came from Beneath the Sea' this film is made up of a lot of dialog involving what is happening and then how to deal with it, plus a small romance stuffed in the middle. There are snippets of UFO/alien action dotted throughout but the main event doesn't kick off until the end typically. When we do see the aliens they are gloriously basic looking bordering on childish. For the day I'm sure they looked quite impressive but naturally these days they attract more giggles as they waddle around in their cardboard looking space suits. The small segment where the hero tries on a captured alien helmet is so daft and cheap looking its fantastic, he literately has a plastic bucket on his head.The actual flying saucers are of course the highlight of the film. Even though they are incredibly basic in design they have influenced so many sci-fi films ever since (famously 'Mars Attacks' which is pretty much a homage) and probably people's minds in how alien craft should look. Animated by Harryhausen they don't look much of a challenge for the skilled craftsman but its the destruction of major buildings when the saucers crash that present the work and show his talents. How iconic is the downfall of the Washington Monument! that little sequence is still perfect to this day, and lets not forget about that classic flying saucer humming noise they make.What I did find amusing was the fact these aliens were suppose to be attacking the entire planet. Yet once our plucky hero and his glamorous assistant worked out how to defeat them and went about doing so with many faceless expendable military men, that was it! They brought down all the saucers and that was it, no one thinks to check for the alien crews inside in case they are gonna attack. Plus no one mentions anything about the rest of the saucers attacking other countries, did all they manage to defeat the saucers the same as the heroic Americans?? there is no mention of sharing their alien beating discovery with other countries I don't think (unless I missed it).I would also hope they use the new alien technology for their own gains, no mention of this but surely they would for the sequel.So yes the whole film is pretty much exactly the same as all the previous films, it just substitutes monsters for aliens. We have the standard sensible hero, his attractive female sidekick, plenty of elderly/brainy scientists and military types all together with an 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' formulaic story. As that saying suggests it does work and it is good fun, the flying saucer sequences being the best of course. Not the best film, still not beating '20,000 Fathoms' but definitely better than 'It Came from Beneath the Sea'.

KarlGunnar H (us) wrote: Another classical movie! The inhabitants in the Pimlico district in London get their lives changed as old documents found in a bomb crater reveals that they are actually a part of Burgundy and not England and enterprising "Burgundians" tries to make the most of it saying goodbye to British restrictions and rationing still in effect after the war...

Brad S (mx) wrote: This is a hard-hitting prison drama from Jules Dassin("Rififi") and starring Burt Lancaster and Hume Cronyn. This 1947 film is an interesting entry in the prison film genre, it was a lot darker and violent than I expected, but the excellent acting and direction elevate it beyond being simply a genre pic. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion!

Zach M (es) wrote: This was a fun comedy about hip hop music and three friends who want to be like Run DMC.Good cast with Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, Charlie Murphy, Khandi Alexander, Chris Elliott, Allen Payne, Deezer D, Rachel True and Theresa Randle.Had some jokes that hit and some that missed completely.

Edith N (es) wrote: What We Have Lost This is another film with a longstanding set of memories behind it for me. I was not in "the Ireland program"--doubtless it had a formal name, but I didn't ever know it--and did not, subsequently, go to Ireland, a decision I made for good reasons which turned out not to matter. However, I had taken Irish Gaelic Language and Song for four credits the preceding summer, and Sean, our teacher for it, invited me to come and watch movies with them on Thursday afternoons, an invitation I took her up on for as long as they were in the country. I didn't have the same context for the movies as the rest of them, obviously, and to this day, I have never actually read any James Joyce. I know Mele, who was in a different program which read the book, hated the larger work this story is from, but I cannot say how much it is like the Joyce we all know and either love or fear, depending. No one feels neutral toward Joyce. However, I do remember, very clearly, sitting in one of the lecture halls, watching this movie, and getting caught up in these people, which is surely the point. James Joyce has not, when you look at it seriously, bothered giving us a plot. A group of upper class, well, Dubliners have gathered together for dinner on Epiphany--the Twelfth Day of Christmas and the end of the Christmas season. They sing and recite for one another, they have dinner, they go home. The closest we get to real plot comes only after the party, when we have followed Gretta (Anjelica Huston) and Gabriel (Donal McCann) home, and she tells him a story from her past which he never knew before and which sheds new and possibly unpleasant light on their relationship and the reasons for their marriage. Even with what we have, there are only hints at something more. I'm afraid I couldn't keep track of most of the names, so you'll have to bear with me on this, but one woman is angry because women have been kicked out of the church choir. I think it is Freddy Malins (Donal Donnelly) who is young and flighty and brings great worry to his family over it. And I got the distinct impression that one of the older women, one known for her voice, is going deaf. It wouldn't surprise me, really, given that Joyce himself was going blind--he wore a milkman's uniform to write in because he felt the white fabric reflected more light and therefore let him see better. A singer losing her hearing would be an interesting parallel to it. This was the great John Huston's last film. He worked with two of his children on it, the only time he worked with his son, Tony--who was nominated for an Oscar for writing this, the only film he's ever written. Other than Anjelica, the cast was Irish, and she's spent time living in the country herself. The Hustons are, from what I can tell, very proud of their Irish heritage and history; a documentary I got from the library under "I" was narrated by her. He was notorious as being difficult to work with. I don't know how much of that he changed for his daughter--or, if you go back in their history, his father. We are, though, talking about a man who was knocked out by John Wayne for his behaviour. At that, I doubt it changed! I'll admit that Huston isn't one of the directors whose work I can reliably spot on sight, but for all his abrasiveness, he did get excellent performances out of people. I don't know what the record is; the Academy doesn't think it's important. But Huston directed fifteen people to acting nominations, and four of them, including both his father and his daughter, won. There are an awful lot of iconic films of his, too. Not much happens in this film, but it is intriguing to watch. There is an impression of a life going on behind people's faces, a sign of good acting or good directing or both. It's set before there technically was an Ireland to be set in--in 1904, all of Ireland was still part of Great Britain. One character is clearly off to a meeting about establishing a separate country, and she refers to another as a "West Briton," someone who considers it natural and right that Ireland look to London for answers. Certainly everyone in the film is well-off, or at least seems to be, unless they're a servant, in which case they don't count. They're all clearly intelligent. The only added character, Mr. Grace (Sean McClory), has been created so that he may add to the mood of the evening by reciting a very old Irish poem. It's implied that his recitations are a regular part of evenings in this circle. Certainly the music is. And it is only the last song of the evening which is unusual, and that's not planned anyway. Filming in Ireland may well have seemed extravagant, given that very little of the action takes place outside, and rooms of the kind in the movie can be found just about anywhere. It is entirely possible, though, that the indefinable quality of this movie is its very sense of place. Joyce did name the collection of stories for the city where its people lived, and maybe that's more important than it seems at first. The lives of these people could be lived in any city in the world, and really at any time. They are people who have known each other many years but may still not exactly be friends. They have secrets and histories and fears. They're putting on faces that are the same as everyone else's, simply because that's what they've been brought up to do. Some people are more free than this group, but it seems likely that Gretta gave up her chance at freedom long, long ago.

Lenny M (fr) wrote: Saw it in the theater, only one in there. Movie drags, Tim Allen movies have very little mojo but he always give good performances.