The Inner Scar

The Inner Scar

A collage of dreams. Garrel made a name for himself with this film as a new Jean Vigo. With Nico (Velvet Underground). A poetic and painterly film that has been described as 'a collage of dreams'. The film was shot without a script, but Garrel had already thought up the eventual title ('the scar inside'). This title was an obsession for him, every shot had to be an expression of 'the scar inside'. Apart from Garrel himself and actor Pierre Clementi, Garrel's former partner Nico, member of the legendary Velvet Underground, played a role in the film. Another important role was for the landscape. Garrel, 23 when he made the film, was compared with Jean Vigo because of his age and talent. La cicatrice intérieure even led Claude Mauriac to call him the Rimbaud of film. (from

A composition of symbolic, surreal and almost mystic images. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (fr) wrote: Honestly, this film has very little going for it. The action sequences which should be uber epic considering the number of soldiers, etc. don't really amount to much. There is perhaps one scene that might be decent but most the action is CG with fake canons firing, and weird totally unrealistic "guillotine" weapons. In fact, I'm sure these guillotines were supposed to be the cool factor in the film but they are so fake not only in the quality of the CG but in the unrealistic fashion in which they function.Then you get the story. We are introduced to 3 boys, get a little back story. Then we are introduced to the title characters "The Guillotines" and get some back story. Then *spoiler alert* our title characters are killed off in very unspectacular fashion. Apparently these elite assassins are mostly incompetent boys and not the uber awesome looking guys we see earlier in the film. All this is going on (and it does take awhile for all this to happen) so that there can be some kind of moral conflict between 2 of the three boys who started the film? Not much in this film makes sense. The motivations aren't there. The action sequences and massacres don't make much sense. The audience comes out of this film not knowing exactly who to cheer for and in the end, the film tries to play off this historical action farse as if it were a true story of sorts. *sigh* This film could have been uber awesome with only a few changes... as drastic as they might be.

The J (nl) wrote: Such a good anime so sad though :'(

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Makes a fine addition to my collection.

Jesse R (ca) wrote: Such realism, a classic. The performances keep you entertained.

Ryan H (mx) wrote: How do you adapt a novel that is deemed unfilmable? Laurence Sterne wrote the postmodern novel The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman before there was a modern to post. Sterne's story was narrated by Tristram Shandy who wants to tell his life tale. While doing this, he bounces back and fourth between different characters and tales, but when he starts on something he begins to realize he hasn't even gotten to his birth yet. Stephen Fry explains in this film that this is due to the fact that his life is too hectic to be brought into art. The first thirty minutes of the film shows them actually attempting to make the book into a movie. It's all funny and very well done, but as they get further into it they begin to question what needs to be added, and why are they making this at all? It becomes meta. Steve Coogan begins to fight for the lead role while Rob Brydon wants to be the co-lead in the film. In doing so, you see Rob Brydon start popping up in different parts of the film like he's just waiting to get more of a chance to be in the film. The only way that this movie could have made another layer is if it turned into an actual documentary with the characters aware of the camera and crew following them. Michael Winterbottom mixes drama and comedy very well. There's a conversation in the film where they sit with the writer ask what the point of making Tristram Shandy into a film. They ask "is it just to be funny?" No one likes that answer. Honestly, I never like that answer either. If a movie is just trying to be funny, it's never genuine. You need heart and real characters in order to draw a connection and make people laugh. That's what they do here. Steve Coogan plays the actor Steve Coogan while trying to make this movie. In doing so, we learn about his girlfriend and his baby. We learn about his infidelity. We learn about his vulnerable nature. Throughout the film, I actually cared for his character and wanted to see how everything would be resolved. But of course, this is just a representation of his life, just like they were trying to represent Tristram's life in the book and movie. We learn that the book is pretty much unresolved in the end. It becomes a cock and bull story. But here, even though that's the title, everything is very believable which makes it so compelling. It's hilarious, it's fun, and very witty. Want to see Steve Coogan small hanging upside down naked in a womb? Watch this film.

Mike F (it) wrote: Everybody sing it along with me! America...F-CK YEAH! Team America is here to save the motherF-CKIN' dayeah!

Greg W (es) wrote: super surreal luis bunnel would be proud

Timm S (es) wrote: Good For The Kids. NotToo Long & A Little Adult Humor Keeps It Just Entertaining Enough.

Mike O (it) wrote: What ever happened to Skeet Ulrich? I can't believe he wasn't huge after this movie.

Shawn W (it) wrote: This one stars the Dragon and features some unsanctioned kickboxing but this is no Bloodfist. Trouble ensues when Julie starts dating Johnny while engaged to immature Chuck, who fights for a rival kickboxing club. I was hoping for more given with the Dragon and Maria Ford headlining.

Tombie S (it) wrote: We had to make models out of wire hangers in grade school. This one kid made one to emulate Hulk Hogan's crippled little brother character.

Marguerita X (gb) wrote: Saw this when it first came out in 1987 and loved the whole look and era of the film. But 21 years on and after the likes of "In the Mood" and "Lust Caution", it looks dated. Still, the story is good and prompts questions.

Rickard F (nl) wrote: Knepig pa ett daligt satt... Filmen utger sig for att beratta en historia och ett livsode men fastnar istallet i nagot slags kvasikonstnarligt. Berattandet haltar fram mellan olika surrealistiska handelser med mycket narbilder pa vackra ansikten med svara uttryck. Sammanhang kanns mest slumpartade och budskap som skulle kunna formedlas forloras i forvirring. Trakigt ljud. En och annan fin vy over Scicilien...

Matthias (it) wrote: Classic! it catches the books charm and style quite well and it's funny, just the musical scenes are annoying.

Huw G (it) wrote: Ham-fisted slapstick that takes itself seriously. Morbidly fascinating, like a slow motion train crash, and probably much the same you'll wish you hadn't seen it. Presumably the paycheck was all Affleck's.

Jon W (kr) wrote: Weird and kinda funny cause of the low production value and acting. More hardcore and wrong than you'd expect, and just plain crazy at times, it's just not as well made as many of it's brethren. An interesting movie, just quite low on the budget side.