The Inquisition

The Wood Royal Commission unleashed an extraordinary investigation that swept through the NSW Police Force like a tsunami. For many, the stakes were life or death. Not everyone survived.

  • Category: Crime
  • Stars:
  • Uploader: KimHoaNg
  • Writer: Rachel Landers

Not everyone survived. For many, the stakes were life or death. The Wood Royal Commission unleashed an extraordinary investigation that swept through the NSW Police Force like a tsunami

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Users reviews

Abhinandhan d (fr)

verall 3/5 only because of ajith or else would have been terrible. It was so predictable. Plot could have so much better. All in all this is a movie with all style but no substance. Pros is thala acting is superb,dialogues were great,the way it was shot like Hollywood movie, action also like hollywood. Songs were placed terribly such as idhayam and gang gang gangster should have been part of themocie not credits. The same plot has been in so many gangster flicls and this has copied the start of nayagan. Plot was not good. Disappointing movie

David R (ag)

his is complete shit!. Please Facebook, put Peter Jackson's bonkers Braindead on here

dinesh l (es)

aaj bhi raj good movie

Fabien R (nl)

Majest (C)" la classe!. Ca manque parfois un peu de liant, mais il n'y a pas grand chose d'autre reprocher

Jack O (kr)

This is definitely one of my least favorites. I love this song but I hated the film. This is the first film that I think it's boring instead I like the theme song at the end credits. Oh god do I hate this film. And let me tell you folks, this is one of my boring films of all time. Yes, out of all the Mel Gibson films I was going to watch and this is the one I wanted to see the least. All right lets get this over with, Tequila sunrise

Jackson M (au)

It was a borefest and will never be seen in my dvd collection. Forgot it even existed. This movie was ass

Luke H (us)

Acting was okay. Today's cell phones are different

Max M (ca)

Hell, Castellari guns down and blows up so many allied soldiers that if the war had gone the way he depicts it here, Germany would have won the war. Castellari seems less interested in the thriller elements of the story - the plot doesn't kick in until just over a half-an-hour into the picture, and when it does it still proves to be completely uninteresting - and more with staging scene after scene of over-the-top action that is not in the least bit exciting. Hot on their trail however is a British Army Captain played by Frederick Stafford, and an Air Marshal played by Van Johnson. This film follows a small group of Nazis posing as British soldiers (led by Italian actor Luigi Pistilli who viewers may recognize from the two pictures he made with Sergio Leone, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly), who infiltrate London during the early days of the war, in order to sabotage the air defense installations. Castellari, who, nine years later would make another terrible (but when compared with it's predecessor, isn't as bad) war picture, Inglorious Bastards. A really terrible WWII film (Macaroni Combat film is the proper terminology) from Italian director Enzo G

Scott R (br)

Pretty ridiculous, it was not one I want to see again

Stephanie C (de)

First of all i love brian krause but the story line of this movie is amazing