The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor


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Adrian B (kr) wrote: Started off mediocre but soon short lived and lost interest at a rapid rate

Steven K (kr) wrote: More that I expected from Toby Keith

Grayson W (de) wrote: Nowhere near as good as any of the original trilogy, or even Savini's 90s remake, and lacks any social commentary or weighty character conflict that made the original three films work so well. There are a lot of cool special effects and enjoyable gore, but it's overshadowed by the fact that you don't really care about any of the characters or the plot. Dennis Hopper plays an evil tycoon who dwells at the top of his large luxury apartment complex style fortress. When John Leguizamo tries to defeat him, it's hard not to have bad flashbacks from the Super Mario Brothers movie. In fact, this would make a good double feature as both films have a very similar vibe, and that's not a good thing.

Payeyo G (jp) wrote: Fun!...filled with Spanish pop and gorgeous girls. Regretfully not a fair singer among the cast, except for maybe Mara Esteve. Still much better that anything Almovobar can spew.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: Brilliant British thriller from the director of "Zulu". The truck races are still awesome, it's all shot with that glistening b&w cinematography as used by so many Brit-Flicks of the late 50's/early 60's, and as for the cast... well, where else are you going to get Doctor Who, The Prisoner, James Bond, a Man From UNCLE & Him off of Zulu (not to mention Sid James & Herbert Lom) in the same film?!

Les E (ag) wrote: I found nothing likeable about this film at all. Pointless and boring.

Aj V (jp) wrote: Another very funny Bob Hope movie. It has humor, excitement, and a bit of suspense. If you're a fan this is a must see.

Ian S (jp) wrote: portrait of Margaret Thatcher, the first and only female Prime Minister of The United Kingdom. One of the 20th century's most famous and influential women, Expecting something different from this film it was ok

Sbastien P (gb) wrote: On most of websites i saw, this movie got a bad review. And I disagree. The concept of the movie is really nice. They used a nice balance between handle-camera and 'normal-movie-camera'. The story is quite interesting, especially for those who like religion-fantastic stories. We don't know what's happening, we don't know why it's happening, it's just here. This movie bring no answer, it just takes us with a group of survivors, trying to escape. Or not.Nice decors btw.

bill s (ca) wrote: This was not really meant to be soft porn but lets be real that scene with Campbell and Richards IS this movie.

Silvestre S (br) wrote: Seems interesting and my friend says it was good so