The Insomniac

The Insomniac

A man experiences a night-time world that is part foreboding nightmare, part sexual fantasy.

A man experiences a night-time world that is part foreboding nightmare, part sexual fantasy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Owen L (jp) wrote: The only sad part about "The Penguins Of Madagascar" is that the writer of this film was trying to be funny. This film didn't give me anything special.-5 starsHowever, did learn from this film that penguins are kinda cool.+1 star1/5

Eric P (jp) wrote: I saw the movie 'A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness' at Lincoln Center on Saturday night. It was utter and complete shit. Two hours of my life I'll never get back. How the fuck critics like this movie is beyond me.Sometimes when people are really wasted they "think" they are having a stimulating and fascinating intellectual discussion when in fact they are just wasted and boring. That's this movie. It's an endurance test of boredom.When an artist works in a bubble, when everyone tells them that they're awesome, when they have no contact with reality, nobody to tell them "dude, that's really fkn boring", they produce tripe like this movie.

Private U (br) wrote: This is a first rate boxing drama with Robert Ryan (himself a former boxer) giving an excellent performance as a man who knows his time's almost up but believes he can still win one. Credit also to director Robert Wise who manages to create an atmosphere filled with great a supporting cast where you can almost smell the sweat and blood behind the scenes in the change rooms and in the ring. The fight scenes are shown in real-time and they stand-up well even by today's standards.It's interesting to note that the screenplay was based on a poem about a black boxer.

Bert P (br) wrote: Vanaf het begin wordt je als kijker wakker geschud en meegesleurd in dit ingetogen, maar sterk verhaal. Of hoe zou u zich voelen als er u een pistool tegen de slaap gedrukt wordt? Want dat is er te zien in het openingsshot.Hoofdrolspeelster Sibel Kekilli (de revelatie van het ijzersterke "Gegen die Wand") moet vanonder een psychologische (C)n fysieke druk zien uit te komen waaronder ze gebukt gaat. Die druk komt vanuit haar Turkse familie, die nog de traditionele waarden naleeft, terwijl zij een moderne, vooruitstrevende vrouw probeert te zijn. Dit wordt allemaal met de nodige nuances in beeld gebracht.Ook haar familie wordt slachtoffer van die waarden, maar wat zijzelf moet doormaken, is nog veel erger.Je voelt het al... Dit kan niet goed aflopen. De toch enigszins verrassende coda van de film staat dan ook in het geheugen gegrift.Een film die begrijpelijkerwijze aandacht heeft gekregen op verschillende festivals en terecht genomineerd was voor een Oscar voor beste niet-Engelstalige film. Moet je gezien hebben!

Adam R (es) wrote: Pretty good movie. Well worth watching. For 20-30 something /Yuppie/Uni-students it should hit the mark...

Robert G (es) wrote: The surreal approach to story telling is astounding.

Jack S (ag) wrote: A bit on the longish side, but I suppose life does get a bit more complicated as we go on. The "kids" are now older than me for the first time. Bruce remains the heart and soul of the series, and I was happy to see him get married. The black kid is back (and remarried), though our upper-class twit has gone missing again. Most surprising is that Neil seems nearly normal--he's a politician at this point--though of course he's still unemployed. Though perhaps his "recovery" is partially explained by the series' biggest shock: He's become friends with good ol' Bruce, and spoke at Bruce's wedding!

Ben R (es) wrote: A pretty nifty film from the brilliant Clive Barker, LORD OF ILLUSIONS is a great example of "cosmic horror" done right. An interesting script and cool sfx help get passed the occasionally hammy acting, providing a very enjoyable horror experience. A nice one for Halloween!

Duncan C (gb) wrote: Bloop bloop bloop blipblipbloop

Tony H (br) wrote: Another formative film-"I am what I am..."

Jake P (ca) wrote: The spiders are certainly creepy and there are a lot of them. William Shatner's weird performance elevates the film.

Dan R (jp) wrote: It definitely doesn't deserve classic status despite the presence of the lively Audrey Hepburn. It's basically the story of a doomed relationship thought he strumming of the Henry Mancini score tries to tell us otherwise. It skips around to different travels and in order to not be confused i needed to remember which costume was worn where since the two leads never age. Also Albert Finney decide she should play his role as animpersonation of Sydney Poitier it seems.

David T (nl) wrote: Great movie? No. Over the top? Of course because it was the 80's. However if you're a Hulkamaniac like myself? This is the movie for you.

Adam B (us) wrote: An interesting movie that sets the tone of the age its set and for that troubled period in American history. Macy's wimpish character is offset well by Mealoaf's anti semetic bully neighbour. Well worth checking this one out.