The Interceptors

The Interceptors

Official entry to the first Metro Manila Film Festival in 1976 directed by Efren C. Pinon and starred Tony Ferrer, Ramon Zamora, George Estregan, Edna Diaz, Paquito Diaz, Charlie Davao, Vic Diaz, and Max Alvarado

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The Interceptors torrent reviews

Tony R (es) wrote: All due deference to the women angle... This movie has the worst acting I have ever seen. Literally every role was cast horribly. It's just awful.

Josh P (it) wrote: Dick Proenneke is my hero. This documentary is EPIC. You should see it. No, seriously.

Brian J (ca) wrote: Oh, boy. You know, I really do love the Kevin Smith movies, but this is such a lame rip-off of Kevin Smith's jokes. It's too slow, too boring, and they don't even tell the time-honored jokes very well. It's Clerks in a billiards store with horrid acting and worse screenwriting.

Amanda Emilie M (de) wrote: A very disappointing end after two masterpieces by Lindsay. It was a huge mess and so many things going on at the same time. The ending was also really strange and came right in your face. There was no build-up to the climax. It had some good points and the acting was good, but I felt that the cast had so much more to give and the script could have been way better if it was more worked on (like if.... and O Lucky Man!). It had potential but it turned out to be too dissapointing.

Brad S (ca) wrote: I hadn't seen this John Carpenter film since I was a teen so it was nice to revisit it. Based on Stephen King's book about a killer car. The movie isn't great, but I found it enjoyable. There's a lot of humour to it, and the practical effects are excellent. I also occasionally listened in on the director commentary with John Carpenter and star Keith Gordon who also became a director, it's both informative and entertaining. Worth a watch for genre fans.

luis o (mx) wrote: This is my first encounter with a western espionage movie and who better to play the spy than gary cooper. Not a great film by any means, a merely entertaining one. Cooper plays a disgraced northern soldier who really is just going undercover to find out who is jeopardizing the northen efforts.

Martin T (us) wrote: A light, funny, sexy romance/comedy with a clever plot device. The film has many intriguing facets... not just the symmetries, but also the asymmetries. Ophuls is working with what appears to be a formal structure, but doesn't mind bending the rules once in a while. It's interesting to see how each person functions in two different relationships, themselves always being consistent in character but placed in a different context. And I hardly need to mention that the photography is fantastic.

Steven P (us) wrote: One of the great comedies of all time !

Kieron K (fr) wrote: Hmmmm yes erm i watched this anyway moving on .............