The International

The International

It is 80's Turkey, local musicians of Adiyaman are hired by the military and trained to welcome one of the forceful generals of coup regime.

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Argenis M (es) wrote: Evil Angels and witches defending humanity, doesn't get any better than this for entertainment. Plus three female leads.

Cathlene B (gb) wrote: Good music, appealing actors, a tad too quirky

InsertUname H (de) wrote: This was about the time I gave up on the Air Bud franchise.

Jesse K (fr) wrote: VERY close to 4 1/2 stars on this one. While Dogville may not be perfect in my mind, it is certainly a film that I will be thinking about for a long time. The stage-play style is surprisingly effective and the story is compelling throughout all three hours. These opinions may be the exact opposite for someone else and I wouldn't blame them. But I really think Dogville is something special.

Andrew L (es) wrote: Took chance on this one for its promise of an erotic and violent sci-fi and was disappointed. All 3 themes are underwhelming and leads to boredom rather quickly. Poor acting, grade school editing, and stagnate plot make don't help either. 2 stars for Julie Strain's boobs and acceptable acting.

Gabby D (gb) wrote: i actually luved this movie when i was 5.

Tim S (it) wrote: One of the great American giallos, Eyes of Laura Mars is an unsung little thriller masterpiece. Very little gore and violence is actually seen taking place, but the score makes it a hell of a lot more thrilling than violent content could. I can't believe I've gone all of these years without seeing this gem. I don't want to brag and say I knew who the killer was right from the beginning, but I kind of did. I just knew there was something very off-kilter about a certain character (those who have seen it will know who I mean). Very Argento-esque, it reminded me a lot of Opera and Suspiria. A truly underrated classic of the genre, to be sure.

Simon R (au) wrote: A classic film with state of the animation for its time. Dinosaurs and Cowboys how can this be bad?

Sherry M (fr) wrote: Tom Hanks does another great job. Helen Hunt superfluous. Was not bored by Hanks alone on an island.

Conrad M (ca) wrote: Everybody who disliked this movie is simply wrong.