The International

The International

An interpol agent and an attorney are determined to bring one of the world's most powerful banks to justice. Uncovering money laundering, arms trading, and conspiracy to destabilize world governments, their investigation takes them from Berlin, Milan, New York and Istanbul. Finding themselves in a chase across the globe, their relentless tenacity puts their own lives at risk.

The International follows an Interpol agent and an American district attorney as they investigate corruption within the IBBC to expose a high-profile financial institution's role in an international arms dealing ring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily G (us) wrote: Very stunted script, cute actresses. Could have been a much better movie.

Lakshminarayanan S (mx) wrote: age old story undergoing a decent, entertaining treatment accompanied by stunning visuals and different music...

Steve L (us) wrote: This was a very inspirational movie. I really liked!

Jared R (kr) wrote: A competent action flick with a good amount of humor involved. I enjoyed this one, but feel no need to see it again.

Rahman S (au) wrote: i cnt rate this more than 2out of 5. :/

Danny Q (au) wrote: Martin Scorsese's epic has quite a few selling points. Its production design and cinematography, a superb performance from Daniel Day-Lewis and it's a solid story of vengeance and loyalty. However, it's a little bit too long and Cameron Diaz's performance is... barely passable. The soundtrack's pretty awesome though.

Iain B (de) wrote: A comedy horror that both had a few laughs and have me the willies

WakeWRC89 (es) wrote: Very enjoyable film. Great cast, Great acting and a very nice storyline.

Art S (fr) wrote: Sobering look at the horrible plight of illegal immigrants (Belgium, 1990s) and the scumbags that exploit them. As in their other films, the Dardennes treat the action in a matter-of-fact way, focusing on the physicality of characters and the things they do with their hands. Here, a young boy must break with his father to help a woman from Burkina Faso. We experience first-hand the awakening of his moral conscience and the emotionally difficult predicament it places him in.

David F (ag) wrote: Despite its idealistic setting, Burn! remains an invaluable cinematic lesson of "Historical Materialism" .

Rick R (gb) wrote: Shalako (1968)This is one of those typical late 60s European westerns that looked like a good idea at the time, with veteran action director Edward Dmytryk, and an international cast, including Sean Connery and Bridget Bardot, and based on a Louis L'Amour story.A group of European aristocrats, along with their servants and wine collection, are in the frontier western U.S.A. to do some hunting. They've hired on a shady character, Bosky Fulton (Stephen Boyd) as a guide, who leads them onto reservation land to do their hunting in. Not a good idea when an indian uprising is immanent.Tracker Moses Zebulon Carlin (Connery), who the indians call Shalako, is asked to go rescue them and guide them out of danger. Many of the aristocrats are pretty clueless and dangerous situations ensue. Despite all of this going on, the story somehow falls flat. There's the beautiful actresses, Bridget Bardot, Honor Blackman and Valerie French but somehow the characters just didn't grab our interest as much as they should have. It's better than most spaghetti westerns of the time, but not that great.

Carlos M (it) wrote: An intriguing drama centered on the strong sexual tension between Johannes Vermeer and a woman who would supposedly become the subject of his most famous painting - but even if visually stunning, the result could have been a bit more involving.