The Intruder

The Intruder

A man in a gleaming white suit comes to a small Southern town on the eve of integration. He calls himself a social reformer. But what he does is stir up trouble--trouble he soon finds he can't control.

A man in a gleaming white suit comes to a small Southern town on the eve of integration. He calls himself a social reformer. But what he does is stir up trouble--trouble he soon finds he can't control. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kilo D (fr) wrote: Mamet's best work for the screen as a writer/director since "Oleanna" and as a writer since "Glengarry Glen Ross". It requires an essay to explain why and currently, no time for that. "This movie is essential viewing for everyone in the media and the world who are ignorant to what is happening to the great Woody Allen. The thing is, society skipped basic ethics and have gone straight to dark-age thinking. Woody and Phil are guilty and look, just outside the window, see it? It's a pig with wings and it's not a Pink Floyd prank.

Amanda G (ag) wrote: Not rating for the movie itself but the initial earthquake is set in Lexington Ky! Cheers to Brittany Murphy for her shout out to Lex!!! RIP Brittany

Kevin N (de) wrote: Vegas Baby! Why watch it? For starters it's got Kal Penn (Kumar/ Taj) in it, second in command is the very awesome Donald Faison (Turk-Scrubs) and they do for this film exactly what is expected. Each one of the lads is a direct relation to each of our drinking buddies, Sorry gals but this ones made especially for the boys. Note: good inspiration for the planning of a bucks nite! (wink, wink, nudge ,nudge steve)

Ingrid H (au) wrote: thanks catholic high school theology class. you suck.

Deejay R (ca) wrote: To witness this girl with multiple personalities makes this a great movie.

Melissa V (es) wrote: Exciting leisurly walk with a psychopath. This film moves at a slow steady pace and is not for fans of "slasher among us" quick fix. Reminds me of Hitchcock and his subliminal protrayal of characters that appear normal and just have that certain creepiness we the viewer cannot quite put our finger on.

June B (au) wrote: Stays true to the scene, even when our a anti hero accepts his decline from rebellion to sell out. Matthew Lillards performance is great.

Viktor B (gb) wrote: I watched this film because it was billed as sort of a sequel to Rocky Horror. However I remain on the fence about it to this day. It has its clever moments, social commentary, decent jams, and plenty of weirdness, but it is not a masterwork. I couldn't make up my mind as to whether this one was so bad it was good or just plain bad. I ultimately leave this one to other viewers to decide. It simply does not have the same quirky charm or fun nature that Rocky Horror had and may be best considered as a film isolated from it in terms of canon because of it.

Courtney K (jp) wrote: haha, old horror movies are weird.

James J (br) wrote: Why, oh why, cast Knightley as anything other than British? It's brutal watching her try to eek out an American accent.

Krista J (gb) wrote: Beautifully done! A step away from the holly wood format that has gamers loving this genre. I am now searching for part 2?? TV series?? Internet series??

Bethany C (gb) wrote: The body horror is strong in this one. There's pus, wounds not healing, It's all about the gross out. But there's really not much behind the plot. For the most part, the purpose of the film seems to be body gross out horror. The plot is extremely thin. In fact, the plot seems to just be lurking around in dark rooms searching for a man who's face you never really see. The real plot just seems to be to spread the zombie plague as much as possible.What was a unique concept in the first one is just silly in this one. The great part about the first film in the series was how vague it was. You knew it was probably zombie-ism, but it wasn't obvious and you got to watch the lead character have no idea what was going on. That was what was terrifying, and it was a metaphor for very real terrifying things (STDs, sexual assault, etc). They diluted the concept from the original, that it is spread through sexual contact. In this film it's just spread through something as simple as drinking from the same glass. The dilution of the concept renders the plot even more silly. The plot, frankly, isn't the point.Without the body gross out horror, this would be the most boring movie there is. The original was great for a whole slew of reasons, but as soon as they continued the concept past patient zero, so to speak, it lost all entertainment value. If there's a clever way to show the outbreak of a zombie virus, this is not it. Furthermore, maybe if the "villain" was built up a little, there would be more suspense. Instead, he was just sort of there. The final scene was expected, if gross. All in all, please let there not be a phase three.This film definitely disturbed me, so the stars it's getting are thanks to that. It takes a hell of a lot to gross me out. This honestly challenges "Human Centipede".

Evan G (nl) wrote: Oh goody. A short film.