The Intruders

The Intruders

After the traumatic loss of her mother, a teenaged girl tries to uncover the dark secrets behind her new home, in spite of her father's disbelief.

the traumatic loss of her mother, a college student Rose Halshford tries to uncover the dark secrets behind her musty, old home, in spite of her father';s disbelief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven S (mx) wrote: Brutal in parts, but totally basic. Well acted by Compston but some of the supporting cast deliver their lines terribly. The film is fine but I'm also a bit frustrated that anybody should promote the life of someone like Paul Ferris, as though he's some kind of legend

Stuart C (es) wrote: A lot of nuance, very slow to develop. story takes a left turn last part of movie. Good acting, plot and camera work blah

Jamie C (de) wrote: Enjoyed the film even though we've seen it all before but some parts made me laugh, My only problem was the last 30-40 minutes felt like too much of a drama, A little predictable but still worth watching.

Randy P (es) wrote: Screw School of Rock, this is the movie to see about kids playing rock and roll.

Konrad A (kr) wrote: I saw this on tv and watched it and I was not a fan of the movie

James K (au) wrote: its a christian film about a dog shit

Simon G (au) wrote: More in-keeping with Annie Hall era Woody in regard to snappy dialogue, although not quite of that caliber either.

Robert B (es) wrote: Steamboy is wonderfully animated, a highly imaginative production. While it is true that the feature is a bit thin on plot and characters, this is an action film and the action does not disappoint.

Jon C (it) wrote: for 1998:one of my favorite flicks from my early childhoodIvan Reitman directs a fluffy but fun and relaxing stranded-island pictureHarrison Ford, Anne Heche, and David Schwimmer are all excellent and highly watchablea romantic vacation turns into a test of survival and rescue as two people crash land by plane on a deserted island and have to find a way back to their significant others and their own livesthere's a great amount of laughs, silly jokes, great sexual tension between the leads, and a sense of thrillby the third act when the pirates arrive it becomes very intensethe scenery is so gorgeous, tooit's amazing what 'Six Days and Seven Nights' can change and wanting life to be complicated and not messy or plain simple

Bruno V (au) wrote: A cool John Travolta and other fine caracters in this funny gangster movie ! SOMDVD

Crystal M (it) wrote: This is what true country music is all about. Leave it to George to get it right

Simon L (kr) wrote: What the hell Bronson ?? There is some crazy scenes in this movie the one with the rocket launcher timeless. All out aciton at its silly best. When did this vigilante all of sudden become undercover and start bugging phones never mind. Enjoy !!

Suveera A (es) wrote: A pretty interesting account of living a life between honesty and dishonesty, with Amitabh Bachchan coming to terms of living that life. Along the way, he faces challenging adversity and meets Rekha, who seduces him with the wildly popular hit song entitled Pardesia. Kader Khan gave an interesting performance in the film as well.

Gareth R (es) wrote: Classic Isabelle, the murderess, is she a selfish whore, or an abused child? True story.

Vin Mariani (ru) wrote: bodybags & soccer..who knew?

Kevin R (ca) wrote: Behind every great fortune is a crime A laboratory in a small town is owned by a millionaire and run by an over ambitious scientist. One of the scientist?s experiments on a giant squid goes wrong; the squid escapes, and begins terrorizing the small town. Fortunately, the small town also has an aquarium with trained personnel. The trained personnel first attempts to capture the squid are unsuccessful. They may have to rely on some of the exhibits within the aquarium to save the town?their killer whales. ?We are up to our asses in trouble and he goes swimming.? Ovidio Assonitis, director of Beyond Obsession, Forever Emmanuelle, And When She Was Bad, and Over the Line, delivers Tentacles. The storyline for this movie is interesting and reminded me of a cross between Jaws and Piranha (the original). The acting in this film is better than anticipated and includes John Huston (Moulin Rouge, 1951), Shelley Winters (Pete?s Dragon), and Henry Fonda. ?It?s an animal disturbed by man?s stupidity.? Tentacles was part of the MGM Channel?s dive-in Labor Day marathon. This movie?s plot was fascinating and grabbed my attention. While this movie was interesting and well delivered, the action was too scarce to live up to its potential. The ending scene was awesome and depicts two killer whales eating a squid. Overall, this is worth seeing if you are a fan of the genre but nothing special overall. ?These killer whales may unlock some of the greatest mysteries of the sea.? Grade: C-

Frdric I (br) wrote: Petit film de John Huston sur le retour improbable d'un boxeur looser vieillissant sur le ring. Ce n'est pas Rocky... Bof.

Stphane D (au) wrote: culte ! (mme si moi j'suis pas un sucker !)

John T (gb) wrote: Guy wants to be spider-man... Doesn't quite make it. Came out with the Monster fest. Earth Vs. the Spider, She Creature, How to Make a Monster, and Teenage Cavemen I believe.

Erik O (gb) wrote: It was still kind of fun, but it's definitely not the best Laurel and Hardy film I've seen. Maybe I was just tired, but it didn't seem like all of the gags were all that great, either. Still, the small handful of misses is more than made up for by Laurel and Hardy's performance, as well as the number of jokes that do manage to hit the mark.