The Inugami Family

The Inugami Family

When a tycoon passes away, he unexpectedly leaves the family fortune to outsider Tamayo on the condition that she marries one of the grandsons, pitting blood against blood.

Legendary Japanese director Ichikawa Kons 1976 film The Inugami Family, holds a very special place in Japans long tradition of supernatural suspense... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter P (ag) wrote: What happens when you are obsessed with Chess, well, you get Bobby Fischer, and if you watch the movie, you know that is a very large double edge sword. Wrapping it up quick, make sure you involve people in your life and get a hobby that doesn't dominate your every waking moment, you will have a better life.

Simon W (mx) wrote: This movie is completely retarded. The plot elements, the back story, even the deaths don't make a lick of sense. El Mascarado takes peoples faces after he beats them. What a stupid way for him to kill people. This one dude takes a nail in the throat and doesn't die until his face gets ripped off. This is by far the dumbest movie I have ever seen. It is insulting that even in a crappy movie the horse shit they expect us to take. And it isn't even the Rey Misterio from WWE, it must be his dad, which is false advertising if you ask me.

Elton G (gb) wrote: The Desolation of Smaug succeeds on almost all levels: The acting, the characters, the special effects, the epic action, the menacing villain and the final act are all epic and well-handled. However, it crumbles on a narrative scale: the story is very weak and suffers because it has no real beginning or end.

Countess N (nl) wrote: EVERYTHING about this movie is terrible and for this kind of movie (giant insects attacking people in a large apartment block) it was very slow,perhaps it should of been about snails instead of ants?

Alex K (nl) wrote: 1940's Fantasia Is My Tenth Favorite Film Of All Time.

Rob S (au) wrote: I vaguely remember hearing from time to time by family and friends that Office Space is a comedy you have to see, and that it is generally considered a great comedy. Of course I had seen Office Space before my most recent viewing (yesterday) and there were some memorable parts. Watching it again on the big screen a few years later, I realized yes, there are memorable parts to this comedy, but to tell you the truth, this is actually kind of a boring story.This is the only film I have seen Ron Livingston in, as well as the actors who play his sort of friends at the office. It's sad when you are told there is a great comedy out there, but then you realize the only person you know in the movie (and still had a career afterwards) is Jennifer Aniston. However, Stephen Root steals the show as the ever-mumbling Milton. What a wacky awkward character that brings a grin to your face every time you see him. He is like an adorable whimpering puppy that you can't help but feel sorry for since he is clearly not a great people person. I'd imagine his character was what the movie was based on since the film was apparently derived from a comic titled "Milton."The famous printer-destroying scene: it really shouldn't be that famous at all. It's just three guys smashing a printer in slow motion. It holds no merit, and while it has rap playing in the background to reflect the character Michael Bolton's taste in music as well as the fact that the three are "more hood" now that they have ripped off their company, it's barely memorable.At least the film's protagonist, Peter, makes some progress in the film. He starts out by hating his job, and his life luckily gets easier after he visits a hypnotherapist who tells him to relax and then dies abruptly. After this, Peter lives life how he wants to, and despite his not going into work actually gets promoted due to his honesty and relaxed attitude. He then gradually starts becoming concerned with work life again, and by the conclusion he has found a balance between work and leisure.This so-called "great comedy" provides few laughs, but is really easy to follow which is probably why people like it. For me, I'd rewatch this film just for the parts with Stephen Root as Milton, but that's about it. If you're looking for intelligent humor - let alone a good laugh at all - don't look here. Barely a decent film.

Adam R (ru) wrote: (First and only viewing - 9/3/2009)

Peter S (ca) wrote: Beautiful Debra Winger, great Nick Nolte.

Jennie R (au) wrote: Classic Movie. It definitely had that "play" feel to it. Ellen Burstyn was natural in her role. She should be since she was the star in the theater version. Alan Alda seemed flat. He tends to shout his lines a lot. That is about all negative I can say about this film. I was throughly engrossed in this couple and loved seeing their transformation into older folks. While I was disappointed at the ending, it was only because I just loved this couple and wanted it to end differently. This is a movie that is timeless and worth a spot in your at home collection.

Mike B (fr) wrote: Very funny and touching film. A bit uneven, and I figured out the conceit, but it works. I enjoyed it. In fact, I have rewatched it several times and like it even more now than I did before. Bateman was terrific. His relationship with the Indian kid alone makes this worth watching. Strongly recommend.

Benjamin (kr) wrote: Four stars go to Chris Egan and Christian Clark as the yr truly smokin HOT!! As for the storyline it was pathetically shitty!!

Daniel C (fr) wrote: The Coen Brothers demonstrate their wide-ranging abilities in this cultural touchstone.