The Invaders

The Invaders

The classic sci-fi series of the '60s returns as one man, Scott Bakula, tries to stop an invasion of the earth by aliens disguised as humans.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien invasion,  

The classic sci-fi series of the '60s returns as one man, Scott Bakula, tries to stop an invasion of the earth by aliens disguised as humans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Invaders torrent reviews

C R (nl) wrote: Quick money maker for the actors. Terrible film.

Kylie J (es) wrote: Good fun movie. Saw it at Outfest last year. I really liked the soundtrack too.

Joshua R (it) wrote: Tim burtons characters are always interesting to watch, this stop-motion movie, looks great, it's funny and interesting to watch from beginning to end.

Alonso A (ag) wrote: In Magnolia, Paul Thomas Anderson breaks the paradigms and did a 3 hour prophetic movie. Right from the start we see the idiosyncratic nuances of a master storyteller, as the narrator gives us three urban legends that show us ''coincidence'' , a theme that cements the conceptual base for the movie.The film has 5 different plots, and 8 different main characters. Dealing with a large variety of themes and stories, Magnolia manages to take us deep into the characters and their inner crisis through deep introspection, which works due to the outstanding acting from every single role and the inspired directing of Anderson, who takes us through this tragic journey in almost lyrical manner that pays off beautifully.

Steve S (au) wrote: Tim Burton would seem like the perfect person to direct an adaption of Washington Irving's "the Legend of Sleepy Hollow". He gets much of the visuals right, but Mr. Burton has often times delivered on the look of his films. He tends to blow it on the story. Her he massacres the classic tale, completely changing the plot and stripping away the meanings behind the original tale. Shame on him! Not only is the result disappointing, but it is also maddening.

FilmGrinder S (au) wrote: The slowest, end of the world flick I have ever seen. Greatest flaws: the lighting and the frigin fact it's so dull. However, I really enjoyed the last eight secounds of the movie.

glenn h (ru) wrote: another bloody movie kool

Greg W (us) wrote: annette n frankie keep it going

Rachel G (fr) wrote: So exactly HOW many times has Lugosi been cast as a vampire?

Jordy N (ca) wrote: It's a shame that Danny Boyle doesn't do si-fi anymore because this is a great movie

Mary S (ag) wrote: I freakin love this movie. Me , my brother , and father laugh sooo hard at the bathroom scene in the restaurant! im smiling thinking about it. ??? I dont care if people say it has "old jokes" get smart was a hilarious show in its day and still is! steve did Don justice in this movie. p.s. love how the old Siegfried has a cameo.

Ahmed M (es) wrote: It maybe a good pick for people who tend to enjoy, old comedy movies, but this movie isn't for everyone, such as myself I never got into it.

Dimitri C (us) wrote: How could we find a positive thing to say here ? This is just dreadfully bad and totally nonsensical.