The Invisible

The Invisible

A teenager is assaulted and killed, but returns as a ghost to find his killer.

After an attack leaves him in limbo, invisible to the living and also near death. A teenager discovers the only person who might be able to help him, is his attacker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (fr) wrote: Nailbiter is a good horror movie that takes place in tornado in Kansas. B

Cynthia W (ag) wrote: disturbing, visceral, powerful.

Stephanie S (kr) wrote: I don't know how this got 60%, but it is terrible. Badly shot, badly acted, racist and boring. It ALMOST redeemed itself near the end with the "surprise reveal", but it could never quite get there, and then it just failed again. I love horror movies, and I've watched a ton of them and am always looking for good ones, but this one just lost me right at the beginning and never got my attention back. A joke of a movie. If I could give it no stars, I would. Seriously disappointing.

Kevin T (kr) wrote: Overloaded with tired cliches...

Sasha K (it) wrote: probably the best movie Blake Lively will ever be in.

Frances H (ag) wrote: If one walks away from this film with nothing else but an appreciation of how wonderful and fragile are our everyday lives, sitting down together for a meal, tucking children into bed, helping each other with chores--the things we sometimes feel are rather hum-drum and even boring. But when we are faced with losing it, the everyday hum-drum becomes what we long for more than anything else on earth, and we would do anything to have it back. I think these two men will never forget this ultimate truth. An exceptional and heart touching movie--the movies doing what they do at their best.

Paul G (es) wrote: A bit disappointing, still entertaining though.

Patricia W (au) wrote: Very cute and very funny!

(jp) wrote: Cada vez que la veo se pone peor....

Fred M (mx) wrote: Iniciando con dilogos saturados de palabrotas donde se debate con agudeza acerca de trivialidades, que terminan con los personajes dramticamente sacando sus armas, es demasiado obvio que Pulp Fiction pretende ser cool e ingeniosa, uno piensa. Ms adelante en el museo de cera con pulso parece que s puede salirse con la suya a partir de sus "ejercicios en futilidad" (y sus bailes), y definitivamente alza vuelo con el episodio de la sobredosis, que da inicio a una serie de accidentes fantsticamente ejecutados, provocados por peculiares mujeres de cabello corto. Entre la cantidad de sucesos improbables que ocurren, uno en particular es identificado como milagro por uno de los personajes. Esa es la irona definitiva. 7.5/10

Shogo I (mx) wrote: American Samurai???? Screw That!!!!

M K (ca) wrote: Funny in parts, but this is Shinya Tsukamoto's weakest film by far.

Yen M (au) wrote: the part at the end where she calls out to javed is my favourite shashi moment ever

Joel T (de) wrote: Jack Lemmon plays his usual off the hinge character, but does so hear with a distinct sexual edge. Funny movie, pushes limits for '63.

Gal S (jp) wrote: Really weird and interesting - definitely ahead of its time.

Tasha D (nl) wrote: alyssa milano half naked nothings better than that

Brandon S (es) wrote: Wish I could go down the line and go watch this in 1985.

Cynthia E (nl) wrote: My favorite Doris Day/Rock Hudson vehicle. Tony Randall is also at one of his neurotic, scolding bests.