The Invisible Cell

The Invisible Cell


"Blekingegadebanden" is the true story of a group of young Danish idealists who lost their grip on their own morality. They risked their own freedom and the lives of others and feasibility of raising money for a case that was bigger than themselves. They started as political activists, but came deeper and deeper into an organization that had several layers - legal and illegal. Some stopped in time. Others went with a piece of road. And a few chose to go all the way. It all ended in November 1988 with a history of Denmark until then biggest heist and murder of a 22-year-old policeman. In the film we meet activists from that time - even some of those who went whole hog. And we meet the police, as for so many years was right on the heels of the gang, but still failed to take action before the tragic killings in Købmagergade. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxie D (ca) wrote: I have a deep personal connection to this film and its subject matter, which is why I have been hesitant to watch it. However, I must and will, soon.

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