The Invitation

The Invitation

After the death of his mother, middle-aged insurance employee inherits her small cottage surrounded by a garden. Selling the cottage which is situated on unexploited ground near the center of a big city makes him a rich man and he buys a big house in the countryside. He takes some time off and decides to throw a big garden party at the house and invite all his colleagues from the office. Aided by alcohol, the guests gradually lose all their inhibitions and reveal personality traits and frustrations that they normally keep hidden. Written by Markku Kuoppamäki

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:guilt,   poison,   antidote,  

After the death of his mother, middle-aged insurance employee inherits her small cottage surrounded by a garden. Selling the cottage which is situated on unexploited ground near the center ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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javier l (ca) wrote: good documentry reminded me to get buff and skiny

Aman A (ru) wrote: I liked the film but it had some punch missing. Loved Gwyneth and Mark in the movie. They were spot on. Loved the reality of the movie. It was clear and in your face. Dialogues could have had a bit more zing to it. Story kind of meandered for a little while in the middle. Good commentary on addiction.

Olivia T (au) wrote: a dull, predictable movie.

Ethan P (mx) wrote: Good movieNOTE: Haven't seen this since it came out, this rating probably isn't credible.

Charlie G (br) wrote: Low budget and lame acting.

Lilianetty l (jp) wrote: Is not that bad when you see it for the very first time, is not slow, it has rythm, an interesting story-telling, and somehow, a great cast and score.Plot: Scott is the typical dude that dosn't wait. He's very romantic, he wants to get married, do everything as fast as FLASH. And that is a problem he will need to solve with some new friends who will live in his house/home (whatever you call it). Will Ryan and Mary help him on his mission for getting the right love but slow, and not with a fast pace? Cannot spoil more, so check the film for more. Is an interesting story-telling, kinda oldish, but still great.Acting: Brandon as Scott was funny sometimes, but he needs to evolve a little bit more (he still do his model pose and that kind of ruins his character, which has so much potential). Jesse as Ryan is hilarious and amazing, same Sophia as Mary. Jennifer as Leslie was incredible and stunning as always (miss her in the TV show HOUSE). The rest of the cast was great too. One star for the effort made by the cast & crew.Music: It was great, not awesome. So, one star for the effort made by the musicians. The score is just great :)To end this short review, 3 stars of 5. Enjoy and HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS! CHAO! BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

Wayne K (au) wrote: Easily one of the most visually impressive movies of the last 10 years, and with one of the biggest hearts, Hugo sees Martin Scorsese turning away from his usual stomping ground of guns and gangsters and go family friends, to mostly excellent results. The story has all the charm and whimsy of your average Spielberg picture, with an affable child lead who has big dreams in a small world, and lives out his own mini-adventure, inevitably absorbing and affecting all those who come into contact with him. The movie, much like Napoleon Dynamite, is effortlessly sweet, which never becomes too sentimental or depressing, and the ending ties everything up nicely. Throughout the film, Scorsese demonstrates his obvious adoration for movies of old, and the movie is essentially a love letter to cinema. It's principle drawbacks are its pacing and runtime. At 2 hours long it unfortunately overstays its welcome, and moves so leisurely at times that many will lose patience with it. For the most part I really liked it, and Mr Scorsese clearly has a lot of things to say. It's just a shame that he takes far too long to say them.

Keeley S (ca) wrote: Bad. Didn't even watch all of it, which is a shame because I love the Smack the Pony girls.

Brandon W (kr) wrote: This was actually my sister's idea to watch this because she wanted to see Steve Carell act crazy again, a that has always been the most funniest part in the movie that she remember. So I watched it for review reasons and I really enjoyed it. Jim Carrey is hilarious as usual and does what he can to entertain the viewers and make us laugh. The movie also creates some laughs that's not from Carrey which I'm glad that it's trying to be funny itself. The plot however, is predictable and you know what the moral of the story is very quickly. Morgan Freeman is great as God, and Steve Carell is just as hilarious as Jim Carrey but I wish there was more of him though while still focusing on Bruce. Consider that it's a bit related to religious stuff, the jokes could've been so offensive and I'm glad that it didn't make fun of religion. For Jim Carrey fans, Bruce Almighty will entertain you as much as his other movies. Those who are not, it's the same type of comedy that he has done and will probably get you very annoyed.

Joshua D (au) wrote: ehhh...for Hey Arnold, this should've been easy better. some political bullshit

Brett W (ag) wrote: Wonderful, surreal take on immortality/vampirism from Guillermo del Toro. Not as expansive as I thought it would be, but still enjoyable and smart. Great performances from Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, and Tamara Shanath, the first of del Toro's lovable little girls. Cinematography is top-notch as well as the art direction. Christian imagery collides with gothic vampire paganism and American industrialism. Good stuff.

Michael E (ag) wrote: It's a good movie on it's own, but seeing what Brad Pitt could do early in his career was impressive too.

Kero A (br) wrote: Schlock, B-Grade, Horror with a silly story, bad acting and lame dialogue. Only a true fan of the genre should even bother with this one... still I thought it was a great USA Up All Night movie... nothing to rush out and rent though.

Victor M (mx) wrote: An antihero that eats carrots (Clive Owen) a hooker with a heart of gold (Monica Bellucci) and a nerd villain (Paul Giamatti) in this hyperkinetic action film with some black humor where the not standard couple (Mr. Smith - DQ) became surrogate parents of Oliver, the baby who loves Heavy Metal music.

Gretta v (kr) wrote: psiholoki detalji <3