The Island

The Island

David Warner leads a band of modern day pirates who raid yachts and sail boats of people on vacation out in the Caribbean. Michael Caine is a reporter who goes out there with his son to investigate the mystery of the disappearing boats. He runs across Warner and his band of raiders and they decide to induct them into their tribe.

In New York, the journalist Blair Maynard convinces his editor to travel to Florida to investigate the mysterious disappearance of ships in the Bermuda's Triangle area. Maynard is divorced ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monjit B (nl) wrote: such a disgustingly bad movie.... such a shame to the original Bhoot movie....

Ben H (kr) wrote: A powerful tale that stretch too long...

Liam C (nl) wrote: It's funny how the editor that I have praised so much throughout this series, Kevin Greutert, finally directs his full feature film but does not edit it himself. 'Saw VI' is a good sequel that still manages to bring something fresh to the table.Once again, the technicals are all good, it's great that the budget remains so small but the effects continue to improve, with the use of practical effects as well. The title sequence goes back to how it was before 'V' with the title all being on one line but they show it after the first trap is finished, which makes sense. The editing was still good but the editing between past and present wasn't used that much but that is just because there were not many opportunities to do so. We see Jill walk down a hallway where Kramer and Amada were and it looked like it was going to change from past to present but the cinematography showed it was still in the past; also, how did Jill not see Amanda when before he pointed? However, that hand motion seems to be the basis for what one of the posters of the film is. There seemed to be less of a focus on green this time and more with orange, perhaps just a coincidence, and the cinematography went somewhat blurry when it was a flashback. The focus of the main game this time was quite interesting, but I didn't really ever feel like these people were necessarily bad as they were just doing their job, the companies perhaps, but it is just how things go. I understood the theme and agree with it but still, I also didn't really feel like the games were as fair as before. Sure the games were never fair to begin with but there wasn't any opportunity here for everyone to be saved, it was done by Hoffman this time, but he still had plans of what to do. I do like how it seems to be in time with the film, that has happened before but it seems to be more so here. We also see less of the puppet on the footage this time, but he has some different appearances. Like before I wondered how did that person, in the breathing trap, not see the other one until they were revealed but that's how it goes. I agree with his choice in the second game and just imagine being stuck to a constantly spinning machine, that was the least of their worries but still. The games started after the trap recorder had finished, but seeing as how the door shut behind him, it made sense, like with the previous film. Also, when I saw them entering a sign that had 'zoologist' on it I was worried some animals were going to be involved, thankfully nothing happened! I thought the mask was in that box Jill has but they explain that because the scriptwriters think of everything but seeing 6 envelopes made me laugh at the thought that the scripts might be in there! And we hear Kramer swear again, he also said ass backwards as well, which I thought was a nice little touch. Hoffman was smart at the end with how he saved himself but originally it was written that Strahn was going to kill Hoffman, look how much changed. Jill transitions well to what she was like in the previous films to what she is now, even if in the next film it seems to be somewhat forgotten, although why do we keep having to see that part where the door shut on her!When Hoffman says in the hospital, 'did you learn?' you would have expected someone to work it out but they keep working their way slowly to finding him. I wondered why he threw the knife because of the fingerprints on it but once again the scriptwriters know what they are doing as he goes back in and sets it on fire but I'm not too sure how putting Strahm fingerprints on it would work though because of what happened to him. You do start to wonder at this point how they can continue to do a twist ending but they do it. You think the people in his cells are one thing but they are another and it was fun to watch, my only complaint with it is that the remixed theme they use near the end really does rob some of the finale of its fullest potential. Sometimes people don't fully realize how much a soundtrack helps, using a remix theme is fine throughout the film at times but not at the series' most iconic moments! But we get someone saying 'game over' again, so we have that. I'm surprised the box office return just dropped for this one, dropping gradually is to be expected but that didn't happen, they went from being steady to this. 'Saw VI', like its predecessors, is just a great example of when you have a story fully fleshed out and you know exactly what you are doing with it.

Mainak D (de) wrote: Another masterpiece from Bahrani. Without any doubt he is my fav director in the world now. The last scene of the film is so good. Its rare when you want the film to end exactly where it does. Beautiful film. New Jersey looks like a 3rd world country.

Jason M (br) wrote: This film is based on the book of the same name. The story deals with some very real issues that are not typically dealt with in children's films. The audience does not see what is coming in this story. It deals with 2 outcasts and their struggle against bullies, boredom and breaking out of their shell. I highly recommend this film as it is very unlike a product you would expect out of the Hollywood formula, but am certain this was only produced due to the success of the novel. It is a tearjerker.

valentin g (es) wrote: Undenniable charming movie, funny and romantic at the same time, without being cheesy.Has a good narrative, average-to-good performances, and a very good story. A lot of story twists, some really unexpected, but all of em help to make the story richer.

Tom S (us) wrote: Perhaps the second best movie I've ever seen. Couldn't agree more with the theme that we cannot promote morality without crediting the One who taught us what is good, Jesus Christ. Buy it -you'll love it! He promises...

Emma M (us) wrote: Obviously not as good as the first but worth a see

p b (kr) wrote: I have to admit that I actually like it. I am so ashamed. The plot is silly, the actors are well, ok at best and still I like it.

Adam R (br) wrote: "Blood Mania" is included in the third volume of the "Drive-In Cult Classics" series from Mill Creek Entertainment. Given what I've seen of it so far, it should be retitled the "Middle-Aged Men Financing Movies Just So They Can Cavort with Nude Women Half Their Age" collection. The middle-aged man in question in this film is Peter Carpenter, who plays Dr. Craig Cooper, a put upon abortionist-cum-reasonably legitimate physician caring for his seemingly only patient, Ridgely Waterman (Eric Allison) in the last months of his life. Carpenter co-wrote the script and co-produced the film, so he is the obvious near-troglodyte taking the opportunity offered by the picture to schmooze with women whom he should think of as daughters, not sex objects. He outdoes George E. Cary from the "Babysitter" movies -- both of which also reside on "Drive-In Cult Classics Vol. 3" -- by courting not one but two youthful beauties: an unstable vixen (Maria de Aragon) and her slightly more sensible -- if remarkably, awkwardly meek -- younger sister (Vicki Peters). The story is largely incidental, a blackmail plot kicking off what seems to pass for conflict promptly forgotten before haphazardly reappearing at the end of the film (the very end, as in the penultimate frame). There's also something of a love triangle that develops between Cooper and the Waterman sisters, as well as a hint that the younger of the two might have been sexually assaulted by her father in her youth (which makes the subsequent love scene between Peters and Carpenter exceedingly erotic, of course) but, again, these potentially at least interesting storylines both fall prey to the REAL reason the movie was made: an ersatz cash-in on sexploitation, "The Screaming Skull"-esque horror and soap opera-lite adult drama (each attempt failing spectacularly) so some guy in his 40s could call himself an actor for a couple of weeks and have softcore, on-camera dalliances with a few waitresses hanging around Laurel Canyon with nothing better to do for a few days' pay than this garbage. "Mania" isn't as irritating and poorly made as "The Babysitter" as spiritual predecessor and fellow inhabitant in Mill Creek's amusing trifle of a box set, but that's not really saying much.

daniel g (ru) wrote: movie poster for davy crockett and the rive pirates actor&castfor davy crockett and the river praters fess parker buddy edbsen jeff york

j (br) wrote: i am actively angry i wasted my time on this donkey excrement.all pro reviews seem to have come from critics who had to have been afraid other critics would have laughed at them if they panned this.the first half of this drew me in, and the genre got me thinking this might be clever as "the player".then it went into animation. it lost all structure. it last all plot.i get the point. it is supposed to be a commentary on the delusionary isolation of the entertainment industry and how our of touch they are with reality.but it did such an awful job of this, it's impossible to describe how mindless and stupid the entire animated sequence was. it was hard to follow. it was hard to understand the first thing about the protagonist's motivation for anything. it was so insanely bad? i? i? i have no idea what else to say.

Saad K (nl) wrote: Someday this pain will be useful to you - Trash It (D)Well this is as bad as its name, a rich teenager finding meaning for his life and hating what he has is ridiculous. Even in the end we don't see finding him any meaning of his life which makes it even more badly. The director somehow manages to nab brilliant ensemble but even their performances couldn't save this lousy script. Toby Regbo was amazing in "Mr.Nobody" so I was really excited to see this but here he is just another Looney wandering in the streets of New York. Deborah Ann Woll is amazing beautiful as always. Marcia Gay Harden, Lucy Liu and Stephen long etc are good in their parts. On the whole, its waste of money and time, better to watch Toby Regbo is Mr.Nobody and Deborah Ann Woll again in True Blood.