The Island Monster

The Island Monster

An Italian government agent is assigned to break up a drug smuggling ring on the island of Ischia but his daughter is kidnapped by the gang.

An Italian government agent is assigned to break up a drug smuggling ring on the island of Ischia but his daughter is kidnapped by the gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ron L (nl) wrote: Dull. As another reviewer said, this is exactly like a Lifetime TV movie.

Geoff P (mx) wrote: Bruce Campbell! Ernie Hudson! Poor man's Twister! The shame.

Kris L (br) wrote: I actually watched this twice.

Ethan L (au) wrote: Aight here's the deal, my boy Viggo gotta see a man about a horse. Basically he not even playin I mean what you think Viggo play for? get on dat saddle and race cross the Gobi desert prolly. I forgot what he racing for but I know he got dat strong connection wit animals like Eliza Thornberry. and can you believe dudes tryin to kill his ass? I was frontin decently hard bout the whole situation. I saw it wit my girl, you know she love horses damn.

Janelle C (kr) wrote: Twin grandchildren of a long line of chiefs have been born, a dream of the chief, a young one to take over the tribe and learn the ways and traditions of their ancestors. Falling short of the chiefs dreams when the male twin passes away at birth leaving only the female grandchild and his son, who has no interest in being the leader. Raising his granddaughter with his wife while his son leads a life away from the tribe seems fulfilling yet the void of needing a leader takes over. Although his granddaughter tries for his approval as a leader, the young girl is pushed aside by the chief. She proves herself over and over, with a final act that can't be ignore no matter how much the chief attempts to look away. This general plot shows true in so many traditions and religions in not only the past but in the future as well. Many religions want and some even insist on the first born to be a boy. Some religions calling for the sacrifice of a child if they are first born and a female. Showing the authority and dominance of the male over the female and ensuring that the male takes the throne or chief role. The movie shows a weakness of the chief but not out in the open, just behind closed doors. A leader, chief, king, or ruler is not to show weakness to his followers, he is supposed to prove to be the go to man, the answer to the questions, the word of the tribe, the knowledge of the community. Slowly stepping out of the male lead roles in the United States, does not mean that this is how it is all over the world. Males dominate the female in most other areas of the world, along with the strong leaders of religion being male. A great movie, I really enjoyed it and was very touched by the amazing story.

Harry T (gb) wrote: wonderful love story

laura b (kr) wrote: great actors, wasn't as action pacted as i thought it would be, the ending had a great twist though.

Moses R (au) wrote: If you love Senseless sadism watch the film need a realy good stomach and some strong "nostrils" to watch this film....acting was a bit medium .....the film soimehow reminded me of the Korean "OldBoy" and the German "Funny Games" ..... The film is not meant for the weak or the artistic....

Nikhil M (ru) wrote: It was good to see Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor to enjoy themselves in a movie which does not have any serious laughing matter for a good comedy movie.

Naische F (gb) wrote: Uneven dark comedy directed by John Landis starring Jeff Goldblum as a socially inept person (a geek) who discovers that his wife is having an affair and stumbles across a lady (Michelle Pfeiffer) who is on the run from some Persian hitman involving some stolen gems. This is one of those smart dark comedies that tries just too hard and falls flat in a lot of cases. I was heavily reminded of a similar bomb directed by Martin Scorcesse called 'After Hours' starring Griffin Dune and Linda Fiorentino which was a twisted take of 'Alice in Wonderland' in 1980s New York, with the exception that this feature takes place in Los Angeles. Many cameos from veteran film directors and comedic actors. The only highlight was a short recurring cameo appearance from David Bowie as a Brit hitman sporting a Walther handgun and a knife.

Kari K (mx) wrote: All Charlie Bronson wants to do is grow watermelons!!

THOMAS S (ru) wrote: Thi smovie is another great Martin and Lewis film. They deserve much recognition.

Sherwin L (au) wrote: Bogart is great in Nicholas Ray's very dark and personal view of Hollywood.

Alesha H (au) wrote: one of my favorite movies of all time.

Dana G (ca) wrote: some interesting graphics and not val kilmers worst performance but pretty shitty storytelling