The Island of Dr. Moreau

The Island of Dr. Moreau

A ship-wrecked man floats ashore on an island in the Pacific Ocean. The island is inhabited by a scientist, Dr. Moreau, who in an experiment has turned beasts into human beings.

A shipwrecked survivor discovers a remote island with a mad scientist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sayer F (us) wrote: Moving, devastating, and shines a light on an important issue that I was clueless too. I, Daniel Blake is a beautiful and eye opening film.

Jason T (nl) wrote: A decent little indie movie although the low budget feel does sink in too much at times. The performances were good even if some parts of the plot didn't seem realistic. An OK indie movie and nothing more.

George B (it) wrote: A simply great movie,"One by which all others should be measured!"

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Kyle K (mx) wrote: Swayze. Travis. LOAF. Hell yeah I have the poster for this on my wall!

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Cattera Y (fr) wrote: Austin Powers : International Man of Mysterya very groovy light comedy powered by brilliant Mike Myers

Lyric B (de) wrote: Not bad. Good for a rainy day spent indoors watching movies. I love Sarah Jessica Parker and will watch her in almost anything. In this film she walks a tight rope between good and bad, which I liked. I like that the bad guy isn't really all that bad either, he just let his better judgment get clouded. It was a very believable story.

KARLA E (jp) wrote: one of my faves of his

Bill N (us) wrote: A lot of acting in-jokes ("They always say that about DeNiro & Hoffman."), much better performances than you might think for a semi-parody, & frankly just cracks me up every time I watch it. Doesn't generally get the credit it deserves. Dreyfuss's work in this is easily equal to his performance in "Goodbye Girl."

Martin N (ag) wrote: The phase 'The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son a thousand times' comes to mind. Compelling character study of a poor, broken family in rural Pennsylvania and the estranged father who unexpectedly makes a re-appearance. He is a common criminal, but the allure of 'easy' money and excitement is a little to much to bear for his now teenage sons. They start forming a relationship whim him against the best wishes of their mother with obvious consequences.Dark, but excellent performances by Walken and Penn and keeps you thinking well after the film has stopped rolling.

Jim B (ru) wrote: Great cast with good acting, but this movie was painfully boring. Give me "An American Werewolf in London" any day.

Fran H (es) wrote: Uh, no thanks. By the end of the movie I felt like I needed to take a shower or something to wash away the creepiness in this film. And the audience and reviewers generally liked this a lot?? Hard to comprehend.

Huong B (ru) wrote: Im kinda glad I was introduced to Fassbinder through this film... cuz everything else that followed definitely seem much better!

Dan E (us) wrote: Very dated. I imagine it was hilarious to stoned hippies, but I can't believe any present-day teenager would even recognize it as a comedy. Big yuks are had by doing things like putting "1789" at the end of each locale overcard; such as, "Paris, France, 1789". And "Night, 1789". And, "Later That Night, 1789". Well, comedy is hard.

Harsh C (kr) wrote: Starts off ok but turns into one long chase scene.

Javier F (gb) wrote: Este cambio de aires en las pelculas de animacin de Batman resulta ser flojo pero a la vez interesante. Se deja ver.

Allan C (jp) wrote: Rather creepy and leering sex comedy about 40 something Michael Caine on vacation in Rio with his friend, Joseph Bologna, and their daughters, Michelle Johnson and Demi Moore in an early role, though when Caine and Bologna's underage daughter strike up sexual relationship, wacky comedy ensures. Based upon a French door slamming comedy, this film feels like something of a show back to old Hollywood screwball comedies, so it seems appropriate that Hollywood Golden Age director Stanley Donen (Singin' in the Rain," "Charade") helmed the film. Considering the talent involved, including the writer of "Tootsie," you'd expected better.