The Island of Dr. Moreau

The Island of Dr. Moreau

A shipwrecked sailor stumbles upon a mysterious island and is shocked to discover that a brilliant scientist and his lab assistant have found a way to combine human and animal DNA with horrific results.

An English U.N. negotiator (David Thewlis) becomes stranded in the tropics with a mad scientist (Marlon Brando) who makes half-human beasts. Well, as usual, something goes wrong and the negotiator must try to stop it before it is too late. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saad K (jp) wrote: Someday this pain will be useful to you - Trash It (D)Well this is as bad as its name, a rich teenager finding meaning for his life and hating what he has is ridiculous. Even in the end we don't see finding him any meaning of his life which makes it even more badly. The director somehow manages to nab brilliant ensemble but even their performances couldn't save this lousy script. Toby Regbo was amazing in "Mr.Nobody" so I was really excited to see this but here he is just another Looney wandering in the streets of New York. Deborah Ann Woll is amazing beautiful as always. Marcia Gay Harden, Lucy Liu and Stephen long etc are good in their parts. On the whole, its waste of money and time, better to watch Toby Regbo is Mr.Nobody and Deborah Ann Woll again in True Blood.

David M (nl) wrote: Not as dynamic as the 1st installment- as the Caucasian characters were a bit cartoonish- especially the boxer (RIP)- but still a fun movie as Donnie Yen is awesome as usual.

Kelsey M (mx) wrote: Quite literally the worst movie I have seen in a very, very long time.

Stanley K (kr) wrote: Surprisingly good acting in a comic book blockbuster that has the good sense not to take itself too seriously. Too bad the action is not well shot, with far too many self-consciously unusual camera angles coupled with the contemporary penchant for choppy, confusing editing. More critically, the humbling and character transformation for Thor is too sketchy and occurs far too quickly to have dramatic impact.

Dan W (jp) wrote: No its not just a chop-socky movie spoof, its a rare brand of eccentic comedy that is so very hard to master. Anyone can make a crap movie, even make a crap movie thats unintentionally funny. But it takes some skill to helm a film that skirts the line of pure comedy genius and total crap with a double backflip, kick to the throat. "My back... is...badly.. broken" delivered with panache seals the films pure greatness.

Andrea M (it) wrote: Unfocused, unfinished.. just watchable.

Paul D (de) wrote: Typical heist movie with little thought put in.

Ty P (mx) wrote: A love story you've seen before, but a film you haven't. Centre stage ranks high above other films in the same category because it contains dancers who can dance very, very well. Showing the rigours of a high class ballet school in New York, Center Stage's choreography is brilliant, it dancers(who act quite well as well. or were they just playing themselves. Who knows?) are superb and something unique. In its stance to battle old school for new school, the film even makes a pun of itself, setting the story into a dance recital at the end which is really quite clever. With Mandy Moore's 'I wanna be with You' the forever rememberd them song, Center Stage could rival any teenage love drama, as well as holding the title of best dance film ever.

Austin J (fr) wrote: rotten tomato gave 70% to the recent ghostbuster movie...

Jason B (jp) wrote: Obviously this is a Christian movie. It has a Christian story but as a father this video hit me incredibly hard. It was very emotional to me. I gave it five stars and I am quite surprised any father wouldn't.

Zachary M (it) wrote: A serial killer murders their victims while basing them off the popular urban legends we've all heard before. That's all you really need to know about this film. The characters feel under developed and bland so when bad things happen to them you really don't care. And in the end, that's all you need to have to elevate an okay or average horror film to a good or great one. Let's face it, getting as creative in your deaths or methods is fine, but someone is always going to try and out play your attempt. If you can't make me care on a base level I don't plan on carrying about your film, plain and simple.