The Jackals

The Jackals

Bandits target a gold miner and his granddaughter in 19th century South Africa. Robert Gunnar is the bandit with a heart of gold, who is after Price's cache of gold, but falls in love with Diana Ivarson, who has hair of gold (bleach).

Bad bank robber falls in love with granddaughter of miner he and his men planned to of of gold, has change of heart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Avis P (it) wrote: the kid is funny!!! i like him..

Reece L (ru) wrote: Strange, disgusting, and yet undeniably witty, "Meet the Feebles" is an inventive satire of both the Muppets and the entertainment industry in general, featuring gleefully frantic direction from a young Peter Jackson.

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Todd S (jp) wrote: Plot: Not as bad as I expectedActing: Not so good, below averageSFX: AdequateSoundtrack: Not good, but not bad's just there.