The Jailbreakers

The Jailbreakers

The film stars Robert Hutton and Mary Castle as a married couple, held hostage in a dismal, deserted town by three escaped convicts. The crooks are looking for a cache of stolen loot, and they intend to keep Hutton and Castle alive long enough to locate and dig up the cash for them.

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The Jailbreakers torrent reviews

Marcus B (ca) wrote: Truly horrid C-rated action flick. Laughable story, bad script, non-existent action. Watchable only in fast-forward mode.

papa s (de) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Paul D (ca) wrote: An engaging fable which looks rather dated but has a good Dickensian feel good atmosphere.

Kitty L (es) wrote: Hate how it ended, but James is fucking hot in it. lol

John M (br) wrote: The Dardenne brothers show us the stories of society's abandoned and forgotten. Here a determined teenage girl wants only a normal life and we see how everything is stacked against her. Beautiful film in the Dardennes' unmistakable style.

Daphne M (au) wrote: Oldie but still a sad good one :(

Walter M (us) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Flesh and Bone", Arlis(Dennis Quaid) is a vending machine operator in rural Texas. His machines run the gamut from "Brainy Chicken" to condom dispensers. He has a regular schedule of dropoffs, pickups and women to take care of but no ambitions to spread his operations wider. But one evening, when attempting to order take-out food at a bar, he comes across a bachelor party where a stripper is scheduled to jump out of a cake, but Kay(Meg Ryan) has had too much to drink, and instead stumbles, vomits and passes out. After she wakes up the next morning and gets dressed, Arlis agrees to give her a ride home to Bayview.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Flesh and Bone" is a very compelling, well-directed movie with some unexpected flashes of humor about whether nature or nurture shapes us the most as adults. The Texas countryside where time moves forward but not much changes is lovingly photographed. The movie is well-acted by a very capable cast.(Meg Ryan is an underrated actress, having performed well in "Hurlyburly" and "Courage under Fire". It is just when she acts cutesy that I have to reach for the air sickness bag. And Gwyneth Paltrow portrays dimwits well.) My main problem with the movie is that it all hangs on one very large coincedence. [/font]

Donna S (ru) wrote: I was really disappointed with this Farrelly brothers film. Ben Stiller was good (as always) and it was crude and funny in places that had me laughing but i was expecting it 2 be so much funnier and felt like i had been let down. Definately not as good as 'Theres something about Mary'

bill s (br) wrote: Feel good warmhearted and over Hollywoodized story but Freeman gives one hell of a performance.

Ersavas G (kr) wrote: real life horror...looks horrifying himself

Dane P (ca) wrote: A washed out, gritty, action thriller with great emotional bits for good measure.

Richard C (ca) wrote: Not a great but you can see where Spielberg & Co. got inspiration

Sterling B (kr) wrote: A near-perfect Western and a great example of fine, crowd-pleasing cinema. Features great action scenes, some clever humor and a collection of colorful (and likeable) protagonists that make the run time seem shorter than it is.

Lon F (au) wrote: Come now, this one made me cry. Rock Hudson was a perfect bastard until his 'conversion', and THAT is what allowed this movie to come around so movingly. Otherwise, yes, it would have been wholly unrealistic...

Ts L (gb) wrote: Excellent! Idris Elba and Naomi Harris were phenomenal!

Johannes R (au) wrote: 5.2.2011 Constantly self-conscious, and with the musical and visual style, the film is an obvious influence on both Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. The atmosphere of the film is groovy, the editing is inventive and the music has a specific vibe. The thematics of the film about identity play out in an intriguing way. The film also captures something about its period.

Richard G (ru) wrote: very good. must watch!