The Janky Promoters

The Janky Promoters

Two shady concert promoters (Cube and Epps) get into hot water when their chance to book a superstar rapper goes awry.

The movie follows two hilariously crooked concert producers who'll do anything for a fast buck. But they get in over their heads when trying to organize a concert headlined by rapper Young Jeezy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jens S (fr) wrote: After the mediocre first and insultingly stupid second part this one finally delivers what the series always set out to do: elderly action stars in ironic, fun action scenes. The humor works much better here and doesn't feel as forced as before and the new additions are great. Especially Gibson obviously had fun with his villain role. Sure, this still isn't one of the smartest films ever made and it certainly wouldnt have needed the young additions. But at least the film is fun and thoroughly entertaining, unlike the stupid second part.

Calvin R (fr) wrote: Fast Five brings life back to the franchise. Sleek, action, great story, and strong performance.

Ingela A (us) wrote: I can't recall ever being disappointed by Sylvie Testud. She is akin to a younger generation Isabelle Huppert in that she is happy to work in areas about as far from the Multiplex circuit as you can get. Here she is again, acting largely with her eyes as a wheelchair confined invalid going along for the ride on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, by which I mean that it is a pilgrimage only for the group she is with, as 1) a sceptic and 2) bored and lonely because of her condition, she has more or less tagged along for lack of an alternative. There's a nice mix of satire and sentiment at work here as we note the commercial aspects of organised religion and the negative aspects of human nature masquerading as piety. Testud as always is superb and the film should be seen for her alone if nothing else.

Carlos Z (es) wrote: Enjoyable movie. Good escape.

Marta R (ag) wrote: Loved the passion in the actors.

Edward K (fr) wrote: Heartfelt and occasionally whimsical performances by all cast members in dealing with a subject that combines the abstract and the personal. The philosophical aspects of Wittgenstein's views on language are closely tied to the difficulties associated with his personality and thus engage the audience in a human story. The minimalism inherent in the screenplay makes this subject more suitable for the stage than the studio. However, it is worth the sacrifice since its accessibility of a stage production to the general audience would be rare.

Aaron D (mx) wrote: This was filmed partly in my hometown and the surrounding areas (Martinsburg, WV; the name which appears in the last part of the closing credits). I remember watching some of the scenes being filmed. My mother, aunt and cousin are clearly visible extras. My father had the responsibility of driving for the set decorators and Ann Wedgeworth ("Virginia"; mother of Patsy). Interestingly, the Martinsburg sequences (set in the town of Winchester, VA; approximately 35 minutes to the south) were filmed there due to the lack of extant architecture in Winchester. It seems Martinsburg was more suited to the needs of the production because it hadn't been renovated...and was well, somewhat in disrepair comparitively. I was raised on Patsy Cline, and continue to love her today. It shouldn't surprise anyone that I hold this film very close.

David F (ru) wrote: I can't remember why I wanted to watch this movie but it was startlingly childish and immature and not very romantic, except for the music.

Christopher S (au) wrote: One of the funniest films I have ever seen. Who knew that Westerns could be funny without being slapstick parodies (see Mel Brooks)? Lee Marvin was definitely deserving of the Academy Award for Best Actor for his dual role as Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn. I had no idea Marvin had such comedic chops in him. The silver nose still makes me laugh. I also loved Jane Fonda as the eponymous character. I nearly forgot how beautiful she was during her younger years (before she peddled fitness tapes) and she was downright gorgeous in this film. She was a tough cookie but a tough cookie worth the trouble. Nat "King" Cole also stole his scenes as Shouter as well. A film definitely worth seeing over and over again. Cat Ballou set the standard on Western spoofs.

Joshua L (gb) wrote: This is a nice film that really shows the simple side of life during the times it portrayed. No TV, home-made music and real family ties. It has some sad parts but I give this a good review for Doris Day. I'm not a Sinatra fan, but have to admit, his voice was awesome.

Nathan A (fr) wrote: At the theater ticket window, they didn't even have a title for this film. All they had was a picture of Johnny Depp holding a pistol. Really, that's all you need to know. If you don't go see this film for Jack Sparrow, you have no reason to see it.