The Jayhawkers!

The Jayhawkers!

Before the U.S. Civil War rebel leader Luke Darcy sees himself as leader of a new independent Republic of Kansas but the military governor sends an ex-raider to capture Darcy.

Before the civil war, Luke Darcy envisioned himself as a charismatic leader of a new independent Republic of Kansas. However, the military governor sends an ex-renegade raider to capture Darcy and bring him to justice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa R (jp) wrote: Very intense,action,emotions that will keep YOU WANTING MORE??????????

Cyrus M (nl) wrote: This is a nice storyline but the presentation ultimately fails. The story drags at the beginning and there is a monotony of scenery and characters. This a fail for me.

Ksi S (es) wrote: most under-rated movie I've ever seen.

Michael H (ca) wrote: ouch.. serbias first attempt in doing a zombie failed miserably. it was nice to see Ken Foree again (who starred in George A. Romero's original Dawn of the Dead) , but he couldnt do much more for this Movie. really boring, disappointing Zombie Movie..

Georgian S (kr) wrote: I've always enjoyed this particular film. Seen it several times now. Lost count. Hahah. Two aliens crash land into earth n disguise as humans. In particular teenagers. They hijack a taxi man's cab ie hop into it. They ask the taxi man to drive em everywhere. Not only have the teenagers to flee the Govt but they also have to flee their own kind the Syphon.

na h (au) wrote: i cant remeber what happened in this movie

Patricia S (ru) wrote: I love this movie. Great symbolism and it shows that you don't need to be a saint in order to play or understand Jesus.

Hubert G (us) wrote: Some of the scenes are downright spooky and create anxiety for the viewer. A classic film that is still freaky today.

Casey P (nl) wrote: best Sandler movie in years - maybe ever

Cameron J (us) wrote: He's gotten his share of the "Miami Blues", and now George Armitage is taking on Grosse Pointe, and he's bringing more action than ever... or at least I think that's what he's doing, because, like everyone else, I didn't see "Miami Blues". Still, I've heard of finding a woman you're willing to kill for, but let me tell you right know, I... was not expecting that to be Minnie Driver. Now, she's not especially attractive, but she scored both John Cusack and Matt Damon in 1997, although it's not as though people remember this particular affair, with Cusack. The film got surprisingly decent reviews, but I don't think that this film would be all that notable if it didn't have a soundtrack produced by Joe Strummer, as that little fact kind of made someone think about how Strummer looked a little like Cusack. That's a stretch of an assumption, but you know that the filmmakers were thinking that when they commissioned Strummer to do this film's music, because it wasn't clever enough that they titled this film about an assassin visiting Gross Pointe, Michigan, "Grossed Pointe Blank". Oh no, they just had to actually name the assassin in question Martin [u]Blank[/u], just to make the title even more punny. Don't worry, people, because the film itself is a whole lot funnier than that, although it doesn't exactly offer a whole lot beyond that. Yeah, this isn't much more than a mere comedy, and not even that much of a dark one, despite its potentially edgy subject matter, which is ultimately molded into an inconsequential affair that isn't even anything new. Well, maybe there are a few refreshing occasions, though not as many as you might hope, for this is ultimately a formulaic action-comedy which hits more than a few tropes in its progression and in its humor. The formulaic spots in the comedy reflect there being some shortage of inspiration to the humor, which is further reflected by shortcomings in wit, because even though there is plenty of good humor, - much of which is actually clever - just as Robert Ebert said, there stands to be more cleverness and more surprises here. The wit of the film is a little uneven, not unlike the focus of the narrative, which finds itself biting off a touch more than it can chew, in that it runs into plenty of filler which takes you out of the progression of the final product. A sense of progression is further hindered by other excesses in the film, which falls shy of 110 minutes in length, and is forced to get there through some repetitions and do-nothing happenings, as it doesn't have the meat to justify such a length. It is ultimately natural shortcomings that hold this film back, as this comedy chooses to go with the basics, rather than explore its full potential for uniqueness, wit and tension. The final product might very well be forgettable, but while it occupies your time, it holds your attention through all of its shortcomings, even with some sharp musical tastes. Produced by, as put so eloquently by Jakob Dylan, "the mighty" Joe Strummer, this film's strictly unoriginal soundtrack is either underused or overused, but when it is used, it utilizes plenty of entertaining, mostly independent '80s rock tunes to compliment the theme of reminiscing on the '80s, and to help greatly in livening things up. For that, some credit is due to director George Armitage's usage of the soundtrack, although Armitage does not need the music to keep things lively, as his scene structuring and working with humor and performers establishes an immense deal of good, fun charm, punctuated by some thrilling action. I'm a little surprised by how little action there is here, but it sure is worth waiting for, delivering on sharp technical proficiency and tight, dynamic staging which both adds some tension into this inconsequential fluff piece, and marks heights in entertainment value. Of course, as I said, entertainment value is consistent, thanks to Armitage's lively plays on most everything, which keep up a tight sense of pacing that is perhaps needed throughout a questionable course of almost 110 minutes, spawning from an excessive script by ironically does about as much as Armitage's direction. Penned by an arguably overblown team consisting of Tom Jankiewicz, D. V. DeVincentis, Steve Pink, and John Cusack himself, this film's screenplay is nothing if not both overblown, and colorful, being uneven in its wit and originality, but recurrent in its deliverance on sharp little dialogue twists and arguably memorable and decidedly lively set pieces which define much of the entertainment value. Amidst all of the fun is a reasonably interesting, if thin story and well-drawn characters, brought to life by across-the-board charismatic performances, the most engaging of which being by leading man John Cusack, who plays himself, sure, but therefore nails a somewhat grounded, yet still unpredictably colorful charm which makes him a worthy lead. The film is ultimately plenty of fun, and although it's not much more than that, even though it could have been, thrills and charm are realized enough in their unison to a produce a decent, if inconsequential comedy. When the job is done, there's not much new or especially clever about this uneven and overlong telling of a conceptually promising, yet ultimately inconsequential story whose color is done enough justice by a solid soundtrack and action, generally sharp direction and writing, and charismatic performances - especially by John Cusack - to make "Grosse Pointe Blank" a relatively simple, but fun comedy-thriller. 2.5/5 - Fair