The Jayne Mansfield Story

The Jayne Mansfield Story

The gaudy rise and dizzy fall of the last great Hollywood blonde bombshell: Jayne Mansfield.

The gaudy rise and dizzy fall of the last great Hollywood blonde bombshell: Jayne Mansfield. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan G (ag) wrote: My parents raved about this movie. So much so that they bought it for me for Christmas. I'm not a big fan of current (or past) 'faith-based' movies - frankly, because they all suck. Did I like 'Fireproof'? I didn't think it was horrible, but technically speaking I could never say it was good. This movie wasn't a far cry from the others. It had a few redeeming things: Frank Rautenbach & Hamilton Dlamini weren't bad actors and a jib was nice for the camera. You know it's bad when both the film producer and director have fairly large roles in the movie. If you do rent it, PLEASE save yourself the torture and DON'T watch the documentary about the lead character, Angus Buchan - It seemed like a 2 hour sermon on how awesome he is and why you should get him to speak in your town. I make it a goal to suffer through the worst of DVD special features, but this one would just never end. I could go on about my erks with the films character development and a few art department blunders, but you get the idea. I know some of you like these kind of movies, so I'm trying to not be too much of a hater.

Peyton D (br) wrote: I wanted to watch a good comedy such as Wayne's World, Office Space, etc. But my friends wanted to watch this terrible, laugh-less, and it is a complete waste of time. Avoid watching at all costs.F

Alecs M (ca) wrote: I like the British Loyal stuff, so I was having a good time watching this world of Hollywood and Kent a few decades ago. Julie Anrews is ok but, in my opinion, the one who "steals" the movie is Sophie Thompson playing "Moxie"; the loyal servant who becames rich for one day.

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