The Jazz Singer

The Jazz Singer

Neil Diamond stars as Yussel in this tale of a young Jewish cantor who strives to make a career in music.

The son of a Jewish Cantor must defy his father in order to pursue his dream of being a pop singer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron C (jp) wrote: A bland, disappointing film directed by Steve Carr a director I do not admire. The movie barely has any relation to the book.

Reid V (jp) wrote: David Carr needs his own movie

Niklas C (mx) wrote: Komiskt litet mysterium spunnet i vardagens trta.

Clifford C (jp) wrote: no lightning will not strike twice and another indie about a plucky pregnant unwed teenager will not capture America's heart, but I spent 3/4 of the film thinking Linda Grey was Coco Peru (famous drag queen from Girls will be Girls)

Keith T (au) wrote: An amusing tale of what might happen when someone finds things aren't quite the way they have previously thought they were, although it's perhaps not quite as amusing as David Baddiel spent 12 months Twittering that it was.

Meghna P (de) wrote: it is watchable for eisenberg's subtle acting. i would have like to have seen more detail on the family life and dissatisfaction with it that lead his character to explore the drug dealing world.

Loreno v (us) wrote: "When I was a kid my father used to say our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized. Our worst fears have been realized tonight."The Palestinian terrorist group Black September holds Israeli athletes hostage at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich. REVIEWThis documentary uses real footage throughout, with archived news reels, pictures, photos (of the dead, shot, burnt, otherwise), and interviews with family members. But their real coup would be to have interviewed the one and only surviving terrorist who partook in the horror against the spirit of the Olympics. It also provides those born after 1972, or too young to remember, a look at the events surrounding that day - from the Olympic organizers who are too arrogant to suspend the games, the indifference of the athletes in the Olympic Village, the lack of adequate security (as compared to today), to the politics behind the entire affairs.Perhaps what will rile you are the West German's botched attempt to rescue the hostages. They were surprisingly ill-prepared, deploying untrained teams, lack of proper equipment, and had to recall countless of attempts, before the final embarrassment at the airport, which exposed their severe weakness at handling terrorist incidents. All the hostages were killed in the confrontation, when the terrorists threw hand grenades and emptied bullets into the helicopters they were in. It's only after this that the Germans formed their anti-terror squad, the GSG9. To make matters worse, there was a cover up and collusion between the Germans and the terrorists when the latter apparently hijacked a Lufthansa flight (with only 12 passengers on board, and no women and children), and the former handed over the 3 surviving terrorists of the Munich incident in exchange for safe passage of the flight. Perhaps the worst thing about viewing "One Day in September" is that it represents a warning in these terrorist-driven times that such events could always happen again. This film should not just be about what happened then, but about what could happen now and in the future.

Chris C (au) wrote: Do watch this movie is you are interested in watching some good fight scenes... do NOT watch this movie if you want a story/plot.

Matthew C (us) wrote: Surprisingly enough, this movie is poorly made, with awful acting and shoddy editing. But it's OK, because Winifred Walker is there. At times, it seems like introducing Winifred Walker (played by Ivory Stone) or pointlessly dropping in 'DNA' into various sentences was all the script actually called for. Ultra-dramatic music plays at totally inappropriate times. They get all the use out of set pieces from the original Frankenstein set that they can. The madness (and stupidity) is all presided over by Dr. Stein (played by Dick Van Dyke look alike John Hart). A really, really awful movie that is sure to please those looking for some MST3K style fun with like minded friends.

jay n (mx) wrote: Good latter day Joan, actually one of her better late middle period films before the descent into cheapjack horror.

Grant S (es) wrote: A Charlie Chaplin classic. But then, many of his movies are classics, and rightfully so. Has the usual Chaplin traits: fantastic, ingenious, ultra-creative visual comedy, plus a great emotional angle. The comedy is brilliant. Some of the scenes are iconic, and have been copied by many great moviemakers.Where this differs from his previous movies is that the drama side gets more weight than before. After the almost-continuous comedy of The Circus, his previous movie, the lulls in comedy found in City Lights to advance the plot and develop the characters come as a bit of a shock. Even a let-down. But they are worth it, as the movie builds up to an incredibly emotional final scene. Plus the breaks from the comedy make the comedic scenes even more impactful.An absolute must-see.

Sue B (de) wrote: The ultimate in weepy, sentimental chick flicks!

Yoel H (ca) wrote: A thin plot that lacks understanding of the Constitution and the world of today.

(de) wrote: That Chuck guy was a bastard (pardon my language), and sorry for Linda having had to go through all those shitty things because of him (well, why did she even choose to go out and marry him at the first place heh?!) but glad she finally walked out of the darkness, and later became a well-known spokesperson for sexual freedom and uninhibited hedonism. Oh, the film I watched earlier on telly was probably a cut version, so many bits were missing. D'oh!

Bill S (kr) wrote: I Love this movie :)

Michael H (ru) wrote: Rosemary??s Babyis suffused with Polanski??s style and preoccupations. His thrillers nearly always hold to a limited point of view, to depict protagonists who are alone and unsure whom to trust; and many of them also deal with how passion curdles into zealotry, and how men neglect their women.

Zachariah Z (es) wrote: If there was one word I could use to describe this movie it would be INTENSE!If there were ****** they would bePROFOUND! In so many ways a truly profound movie. Unafraid to wear the beauty of faith on its sleeve. It was a riveting account of the struggle of two Brothers in Christ to reconcile the difficulties of faith when surrounded by wickedness. Much of the profundity of this feature derives is strength from their faith, as exemplified by the ultimate surrender of our heroes to His love. I'm disappointed however at this movie's lack of suspense. At what time were those two noble Elders in any danger? It was obvious that the Light of Christ shone brightly upon them and they were Angels sent forth to enlighten the wicked Sergei and Nikolai, Nikolai most of all. How dare he attempt to usurp the generosity of The Family simply because he is a wretched, Godless heathen. Would have been 5 stars, but didn't have enough Jesus!

Christopher G (ag) wrote: I feel like I'm trapped in a 'Cage'. This disgusting film is a mark on cinematography. What was suppose to be a Western flick, was spoiled by mediocre acting and a boring plot.