The Jewel

The Jewel

Amanzio Rastelli appointed several of his relations to managerial positions in his firm. They decided to think internationally and now business is heavily in debt. Luckily for the Rastellis, Bolta the accountant uses all the tricks of his art to cook the books, but catastrophe awaits.

Ernesto Bolta is the accountant of LEDA, a big agribusiness. Its founder, Amanzio Rastelli, appointed several of his relations to managerial positions and the firm decided quite lightly to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valeria P (ru) wrote: I wish I had seen this movie on the big screen. The cave paintings were amazing seen in my living room, so I expect they would have been breathtaking in a movie theater.

Holly I (es) wrote: Ingredients for 'Holly's favorite movies': atmosphere, dark cinematography, disturbing creatures, revelations, unanswered questions. Quota? Filled. <3

Jobin B (ru) wrote: slow, but interesting

Emma x (au) wrote: The sequel holds it own! Love it!

Melissa C (jp) wrote: This made absolutely fall in love with Peter O'Toole.

J M (jp) wrote: It's fun and sad to watch these characters for a couple of hours. Feels pretty real.

Steve M (it) wrote: On the very day Miss Marple (Rutherford) is appointed to the Board of Trustees of a charity that runs a sailing ship where juvenile delinquients are rehabilitated, one of the other boardmembers is murdered. Miss Marple goes onboard the ship to investigate, and more murders follow as she uncovers a tangle of crime on the high seas that Blackbeard would have envied. "Murder Ahoy" features Agatha Christie's Miss Marple character, but the film isn't based on any of Christie's books. In fact, like so many screen adaptations of literary characters, Miss Marple as she appears here is quite different than the Miss Marple of Christie's novels and short stories. (I think the only similarity is that they're both old spinsters who enjoy knitting. I can't ever imagine the Miss Marple in the books spending the night in jail, or dueling a killer with sabres as she does in this film, but both events fit perfectly with Miss Marple as played by Rutherford, who is more mischevious than prim.) Although the story and actions of the various criminals and killers don't make a whole lot of sense, and the police are either stupider or lazier than suspension of disbelief can allow for, the film's leads give such fun performances that it hardly matters. Rutherford gives a great performance, but she is ably supported by Lionel Jeffries (as a twitchy ship's captain who is driven up the wall by Miss Marple's nosiness), Charles Tingwell (as a frustrated police inspector who shares the captain's pain), and Stringer Davis (who plays an elderly friend of Miss Marple who becomes her partner in detection and police-annoying). There's also a hilarious running gag with the doctor who is called to inspect the corpses (Parsons) always needing to run off to deliver a baby.("It's always life and death with him," comments a character after one of his speedy departures.) There's also some marvelous soundtrack music by Ron Goodman's marverlous score--particularly the bouncy main theme--also plays a large part in making this movie as enjoyable as it is. For anyone who isn't an anal retentative purist, this is a fun little comedy/mystery film. (For those who are anal retentative purists, there are the very excellent "Miss Marple" televions adaptations starring Joan Hickson from the late 1980s and early 1990s. They still crop up on PBS every so often, and they are well worth seeing. But, "Murder Ahoy" is a charming little film as well. Murder Ahoy Starring: Margaret Rutherford, Lionel Jeffries, Stringer Davis, Charles Tingwell, and Nicholas Parsons Director: George Pollock


Jamie C (it) wrote: You would think a film about a time machine that's a hot tub wouldn't get much praise but it turns out you shouldn't judge a film by its title, It's funny, Gross in places all the cast were great and looked like they enjoyed filming it, The story has been done so many times but it works plus it's different to other time travel movies, It's way better than it should of been and a good way to kill time.

Andrew A (nl) wrote: If you like joe pesci comedy its pretty funny

Barry W (kr) wrote: We really enjoyed this movie -- Any story based on true events that has an ordinary joe doing extraordinary things for his fellow man or his country or his family... is worth seeing, hearing, reading!

Chad E (it) wrote: Loses a star for attempting too much and Jesse's Lex Luthor.

Katrina C (fr) wrote: TUPAC DID THA DAMN THING