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Thomas O (ag) wrote: I liked that it went into differents stories of the green laterns. It lets you know that the green lanterns are not just about one man (hal jordan), but other green lanterners with their own history. DC your doing a great job!!

Monique Y (it) wrote: Impressed by the good interpretation presented by Jennifer Hudson. It's very hard to come up with a solid biopic on someone who is still not just alive but current in everybody's minds, especially after Mr. Mandela's death. I would say that I learnt a lot of details about her life and struggles but was also left craving for some more explanations as to the why of it all. Why she changed, why did she lose her faith, why compassion abandoned her heart and why did she stop caring for it all. Terrence Howard delivers as a believable Madiba but the comparison with Morgan Freeman's performance is inevitable. All in all, a very good movie with lots of South African cultural traditions, scenery, language, rituals an historical references. Worth watching.

Coxxie M (mx) wrote: you know id like to see a kill bill 3. maybe even a Halloween 12. but instead we have 5 Species' and 879,1135,0929 Madeas

Craig W (jp) wrote: If you like the Princess Bride - you should like this one. Good family flick.

Kevin C (ca) wrote: It's worth it to see Barry Otto who's amazing.

Steve S (fr) wrote: Nicely filmmed and some suprisingly decent action sequences. Nevertheless, the Rat Packers seem abit bored by the beautiful scenery. The plot fails to capitalize on the nice production.

Phil H (br) wrote: Now you'd think judging by the lizard-like monster running around that this is yet another nuclear experiment gone tits up by the Americans. But no, this time its actually a captured alien from the planet Venus that has been set free by some stupid little Italian kid with a cowboy fetish.So in this film there is life on Venus and man has been there!, some strong imagination there considering the intense surface heat, unsavory atmosphere and atmospheric pressure. The creature in question also seems to have a slightly aquatic look about it too, almost like the 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' or the Kraken, similar scaly appearance, but living on Venus is quite out of the question I'm afraid.Anyway realism aside this is your typical bog standard beastie runs amok affair really with very little on offer. I know that sounds really harsh but by this point we've had two good Harryhausen monster flicks and this does feel a bit of a rehash. We've had a giant four legged dinosaur-like lizard and a giant octopus, so this creature doesn't really feel very original, a bipedal dinosaur-like lizard creature. It still looks terrific of course, the usual high standards of Harryhausen.To be honest there is only one truly great sequence in this film for me and that's the fight against the elephant. Not only does it visually look excellent but the detail and animation for the elephant is some of Ray's best work for me, much better than the creature. Watch its movements and even the way he's captured the thick heavy skin...even around the elephants legs, the saggy skin.The other highlight is actually the old 50's footage of Italy and the Colosseum (yes the film is set in Italy). The film really gives a wonderful panorama of this ancient Roman architectural feat, truly superb, makes me wanna go see it asap ha!. Love how the Italian military are happy to shoot bazooka's at their priceless ancient ruins.Another slice of monster rampage that is fun in places but is bogged down with a lot of planning dialog and the usual romantic side plot. Glad they have changed the general storyline from nuclear weapons but end of the day the film is still a bit of a cookie cutter fan film. Shame we never find out more about the alien race from Venus or how they captured one, what was that jelly stuff they had it encased in? I think it was a baby, who knows.

Mark T (gb) wrote: Well made movie. Good story and action. Worth seeing.