The Journey of Jared Price

The Journey of Jared Price

"The Journey of Jared Price" is a gay-themed coming-of-age 2000 film written, produced and directed by Academy Award winner Dustin Lance Black. Black won the Oscar award for Best Original Screenplay for "Milk". The Journey of Jared Price was Black's first feature film. A hustler for a roommate, a wealthy Hollywood executive for a boss, a lonely blind woman and a loveable new best friend make "The Journey of Jared Price" an adventure you will never forget. Jared Price is a small town boy who arrives in Hollywood with a few hundred bucks and a lifetime of dreams. See how he handles each situation he gets into and grows in his understanding of who he is. When what he thinks is his first love turns out to be false, see how he is helped and given the strength to stay in L.A. and try again. This film will remind you that love is worth waiting for and that there is always hope.

Along a young man's search for independence and sexual discovery are deceit, loneliness and perhaps a chance to love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (nl) wrote: There moments here that are reminiscent of Goddard and other moments that feel totally unique. At its core, this film is a study of an actor trying to define her own identity both as an artist and in a relationship. A very intimate movie far less concerned with plot than with the feelings of the two lead characters.

Gareth M (kr) wrote: Curious film about Man Made structures and the effect they have on landscapes, communities, and enviroment we live in. Something you expect be shown to kids in science class its relatively interesting if not especially entertaining

David M (es) wrote: Great movie the Taliban sad eyes I empathize with, and I'm so glad there was no Bollywood singing or dancing no offense just not my cup of tea.

Perrine B (nl) wrote: les parades, la nidification, la reproduction et l'education des petits dans l'univers des animaux. Jolies images, parfois trop rapides, avec l'accent mis sur les oiseaux principalement, un peu de mammiferes, et un mini apercu cote aquatique.

Angela W (jp) wrote: This movie stunk - big time. It's about two loser opposites who fall in lust with each other. It is way too long and depressing to be classified a comedy. If you must, rent, don't buy.

Daryl C (br) wrote: A good one to watch, if you think you have to be a hippie to be anti-war. (The same could be said of "Gunner Palace"...

Mark W (fr) wrote: The documentary makers are probably the most unprofessional, unprepared, and clueless film makers I've ever seen. The camera man/ researcher/ interviewer/ voiceover guy has the most boring and repetitive tone, quite un-bearable to say the least. Unscheduled interviews, mistimed arrivals and stupid/ inappropriate questions were a regular occurrence, often aggravating interviewees without even touching on the core of the intended story.As a big fan of the "bad boy v death row" feud, the music, and the story as a whole, it was not hard for me to become enthralled by the film. Very interesting and accurate portrayal of their story and relationship. However the unprofessional nature of the crew cannot be understated. It is not exactly a difficult documentary to make, with regards to the fan base aspect. These film makers could not throw a piss up in a brewery.

Steen T (ag) wrote: A couple of decent fights and car chases can't save this silly mess. Still, the car chase between a Lambo and a formula car was kinda cool.

Nico B (us) wrote: Richard Pryor attempts the comic relief role for Superman III, unfortunately the plot rehashes several elements from the other two films with less effort, not even an alter-ego Superman fight could save this mess!

Fran P (ru) wrote: I usually like talky films, no matter what the genre, but something was seriously missing here. I think since it's a Hitchcock film, my expectations were automatically high, not considering the fact that this was the first colored film that Hitchcock directed and produced. I did like the real-time touch, the simplicity of the story, the electrifying performances (notably James Stewart), and the authentic dialogue back in the day. My complaint lies in the lack of extra "oomph" that I look for in thrillers. This picture could've been better if thrilling scenes were dispersed here and there rather than taking notice of nondescript images and character interactions throughout. Still, compared to a lot of modern thrillers out there, this is pretty good. With its short running time, I'll be willing to give it another chance.

Jeffrow R (ca) wrote: I honestly expected a lot more out of a movie with the pair team of Ferrell/Galifianakis. There's a few really funny parts of the movie, but they're surrounded by about an hour of, at best, mediocre comedy.

Hayley K (ag) wrote: I love me some Chucky. When I was a kid this movie creeped me out. Probably because Chucky looked a lot like my Cabbage Patch doll. Also, I can never get enough young Chris Sarandon. An 80's classic.