The Joyless Street

The Joyless Street

In 1921 in the poor part of an Austrian town called Melchiorgasse there are only two wealthy people: the butcher Josef Geiringer and his wife. Mrs. Greifer runs a fashion boutique and a nightclub patronized by wealthy Viennese. Annexed to the nightclub is Merkl Hotel, a brothel to which the women of the nightclub bring their clients. The film follows the lives of two women from the same poor neighborhood as they try to better themselves during the period of Austrian postwar hyperinflation. They are Marie, who becomes a prostitute, and Grete who does not.

Vienna in the biggest depression, directly after WW1. In a slum, Lila Leid, the wife of lawyer Leid is murdered, Egon, secretary of one of Leid's clients is arrested. He was with her, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard K (mx) wrote: Seriously, how did this piece of shit even get funding?! Now takes the top spot for worst film I've ever seen...couldn't even watch the whole thing....

aidsheikh94 S (ca) wrote: Mere Baap Pehle Aap is definitely a hilarious comedy film with intermittent laugh and mild emotion. Yes the film lacks a story but definitely the film doesn't lack entertainment.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: This sequel, while endearing and relatively funny, is sadly lacking in that magic that came with the original. I found the plot and overall rhythm of this movie to be fairly shallow. The one thing that I missed sorely was the amazing soundtracks that featured in the first film. Particularly during Nita's transformation scene... I was rather shocked that there wasn't anything remotely like the Bulgarian's women's choir during that most important moment. For me, moments like that in the original really drew me into the magic that was the lights that touch the earth and Brother Bear.

Ralph R (kr) wrote: No sir, I don't like it.

Steve T (mx) wrote: It's hard to find this movie. I watched on VHS several years ago. Not the best movie - even by Indie standards - but worth watching for three scenes. 1) The one with the JFK conspiracy nut will make you laugh out loud to the point of pain. 2) The one where the girl finally tells her overly-academic-psuedo-intellectual friend where to get off made me write down her exact words so i could reuse them to several people I knew at the time.3) and finally the one where I will not give it away but will say two words - "Madonna Papsmear."

Deana P (jp) wrote: oldie but goodie! hard!!

Ralph R (it) wrote: The Benji series is one of the worst.

Younis D (fr) wrote: Not bad movie. Quite interesting.

Matt H (kr) wrote: I can see how this was a big deal for its time, but with a lot of other "SOCIALLY IMPORTANT PICTURES!!!!!!!," it's dated irreparably from its time. Cinematically, though, I can see its importance as a blueprint for later movies to follow. Paul Muni was considered one of the finest actors of his era, but his style of acting and mugging for the camera is quite hammy and exaggerated now.

Nicolas P (it) wrote: Poco frente a tanto que ha hecho Dreamworks.

David J (mx) wrote: Great! Can I throw up now???