The Judge

The Judge

Jens Christian er en strømlinet karrieredreng og nyudnævnt formand for Flygtningenævnet. Arbejdet er livets omdrejningspunkt og alt er godt, indtil en bortadopteret søn melder sin ankomst, og en usædvanlig vanskelig asylsag lander på skrivebordet. Pludselig er det ikke rigtige valg ikke soleklart for Jens Christian, der står splittet mellem forpligtelser og følelser.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:judge,   son,  

Judge Jens Christian makes a ruling to deport a political activist and potential political refugee. When the activist attempts suicide it sparks off Jens' biggest professional crisis, but his personal life is also in chaos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amirah B (jp) wrote: Powerful movie with a very good Story... Shows the fight and struggle of woman in india....

Nick G (kr) wrote: Quit good and funny! Liked it

Madonna M (de) wrote: Essentially a hideous attempt at a "female" American pie. Consisted mostly of gross out gags, shameful attempts at character depth and the main girl character (didn't even catch her name) staring at the camera with what she probably was hoping was doe eyed vulnerability but was really just the director making us stare at her freaky round eyes for an uncomfortably extended period of time.

Emily D (au) wrote: Totally Cute and Adorable! It's a clean film... very few and limited language. Acting well done and music and dance are excellent! A fun, light and engaging film that will brighten your day. :)

Alexander C (au) wrote: Would like to see sometime!

Gergely K (ca) wrote: risi sznyogok, erd', meg meteor

Brad G (mx) wrote: Christopher Plummer Screaming: "Imperial Battleship! Halt The Flow Of Time!" Super Cheesy, but Super FUN! Italian Star Wars ripoff by way of Roger Corman's B Movie Madhouse New World Pictures. With the help of a redneck robot, a princely David Hasselhoff, and Marjoe Gortner's lightsabering white fro acrobat the preternaturally busty Caroline Munro battles her way through amazons on horseback, chintzy stop-motion robots, mutant troglodytes, and the maniac Joe Spinell. Best watched with a group of MST3K-like minded friends, StarCrash is ridiculous amounts of bad movie fun well worth Shout Factory's blu ray price tag. VF.

Erik W (gb) wrote: This movie is good enough, a great story line and great characters (except for Dean Martin's character whom I found to be a real jerk). Helen Hayes was terrific as a sneaky stowaway. George Kennedy was hilarious as Joe Patroni, a no nonsense maintenence man who speaks his mind. My problem with this movie was it's asthetic value. The sets weren't very believable. It looked like they were on a hollywood sound stage and not in an airport setting. Ernest Laszlo's work on the film didn't impress me ether aside from his Oscar nomination for it, the photography was pretty much colorless and lifeless to me. I guess there was only so much they could do in 1970. Aside from Mrs. Hayes and Mr. Kennedy's performances, There is Alfred Newman's drama packed score that pretty much made the movie what it is. Sadly it was Newman's last score, he died shortly after completing this score, but he was given a posthumous Academy Award Nomination. All in all, a decent drama worth watching but I feel was a bit over rated.

Kyle B (ag) wrote: Great performances from Woodward, Parsons, and Harrington and an interesting story

Zack B (ag) wrote: An early Hitchcock classic with a delightfully exaggerated plot, inventive editing, a pulse pounding shoot-out sequence, and an astounding performance by Peter Lorre, astounding give the fact that he did not speak English, read his lines phonetically and yet still conveyed a menacing though vulnerable, calculating evil.

Mariah A (ag) wrote: 7/10Full review coming soon

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Ted W (us) wrote: A great fish-out-of-water story with Hanks being Hanks in the nicest way possible. Some very fine actors in very small roles and interesting love story too.