The Judge

The Judge

A successful lawyer returns to his hometown for his mother's funeral only to discover that his estranged father, the town's judge, is suspected of murder.

Hank Palmer was a talented lawyer with his success and contribution. His reputation quickly distinguished, but Hank Palmer must halt all to go home to mourn for the mother he loved most. All eyes and skepticism flocked to the magistrate Joseph Palmer and also the father of Hank. Because trusting in his father, Hank had defended for him and began to engage in a tough fight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Judge torrent reviews

Sharon W (fr) wrote: Very inspirational football/Christian movie based on a true story. You'll laugh and you will weep. Highly recommended!

penny b (it) wrote: not what i expected!

Marta R (ca) wrote: Completed the trilogy strong...

Jessica W (de) wrote: this was painful to watch. Too much like big brother. I wasn't really interested in the in fighting between the boys. The doco lacked a story line. This wasn't even as interesting as amazing race!I was keen to see some more football free styling as well. We just saw the same tricks over again. I also wanted to know how their journey came about. Originally I thought they were a group of friends who decided to do it. However, it seemed like they were a bunch of randoms. Was this the idea of a doco maker who then made it happen? Not worth watching.

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my thing

David Ray G (br) wrote: You know, at times, I don't much like Hollywood either. But this movie is sweeping everything in its wake, wreaking havoc, and leaving nothing unturned. It's supposed to be satire, but satire is supposed to make you laugh and think. But this movie has nothing funny or thought-provoking about it. The direction sure is interesting, and so are the performances, but I can't look beyond its...close-mindless. It had nothing good in it. It's a movie that seems to have been created by people who hated everything and everyone and couldn't wait until their lives are over. It's shallow, it's cruel, it's idiotic, it's NOT funny, and it' it's pissing on our graves. Like the Times reviewed it, about as funny as a child molester.

Nick M (au) wrote: Elia Kazan adapts his own novel into a choppy, fragmented psychodrama. But in my eyes, the extremely odd way the film is put together works to give the audience insight into the protagonist's mental breakdown which Kirk Douglas pulls off with admirable gusto.

Rohan D (au) wrote: A decent B horror movie. Bit slow at times but definitely enjoyable for those who like slashers :)

Thomas B (es) wrote: Great inspirational movie!

Martin P (ag) wrote: Slow starting but ultimately a well acted frustrating story of modern life's protocol & procedures that engross our daily life. I can only hope in this Trump era country co-operation is better, but sadly expect it is the other way.