The Junior Defenders

The Junior Defenders

A deranged fan goes on a mission to kidnap the former cast of a 1970s kids superhero show in order to produce his own episode.

A deranged fan goes on a mission to kidnap the former cast of a 1970s kids superhero show in order to produce his own episode. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ravi N (ru) wrote: Brilliant, Inspirational, Farhan Akthar is brilliant

Diana M (it) wrote: The acting left a lot to be desired, but surprisingly entertaining none the less.

Andrea C (es) wrote: really sweet romantic drama with a great soundtrack. Really enjoyed it!

Austin G (it) wrote: Wedding Crashers is a good movie with a surprising theme of brotherhood and family.

Andrew C (kr) wrote: I thought it was super funny. Not high quality cinema but funny.

Patrick F (kr) wrote: It got a better story line other than "Game-based" movie i ever see, i watch this just a moment ago, this is really great, well, altough, the story isn't so great, and so anti clamatic, but there is a great teaching inside it (#WiseWord, lol), and yeah, the story line is known widely, but please do note, this was made in 2001, technology isn't at the peak like now days, with that animation, that was an epic movie back then, and one other thing i want to give not about, If you look from the story, of course, story are all like this, drama,etc, BUT ! From a visual stand point, it is never seen before, i never saw a movie with this kind of view point, just to let you guys know my mind

Nicola W (ag) wrote: Well having recently read the book I thought I'd watch the film. Not very much like the book, the book was much better. This I think is a poor adaptation. Maybe the original 1960s film is better? Not even sure what people who haven't read the book would make of the film, I felt the beginning missed so much out it didn't make sense at times.

Stephen W (kr) wrote: This is not a good movie. But it does have an exploding zombie sea turtle. How many other films can say that?

Lisa C (es) wrote: Favorite movie when I was a Kid.

Andrew S (nl) wrote: When an irresponsible contractor desecrates a graveyard, a witch rises from her tomb and a centuries-old feud between two families (one good, one evil) is reignited. Witchcraft is a good, briskly-paced British horror film with crisp, noirish cinematography, assured direction, and a strong cast. It's a fine example of the tradition of British horror films -- such as Curse of the Demon, The Devil Rides Out, and The Wicker Man -- that are built around the idea of the country's ancient religious traditions still existing in the modern era. This sense of the land of Britain being at once ancient and modern makes these films quite different from their American counterparts; in Hollywood horror films, if the Old World is evoked at all, it is usually foreign (e.g., Transylvania) or steeped in dubious representations of the American Indian (e.g., Poltergeist or Wolfen). Watching a movie like Witchcraft always reminds me of the extent to which modern Britain is defined by its colorful past.

(es) wrote: Teniendo en cuenta la fecha de su una muy buena pelicula..

Brian K (br) wrote: i really did like this movie. i thought the story was good and hepburn was to and she made you feel for her, but nothing really special bout this movie.

Rose R (ca) wrote: There are no words! Wow!