The Junior Olsen Gang and the Silver Mine Mystery

The Junior Olsen Gang and the Silver Mine Mystery

Hearing about the Kings Jewels hidden deep in a silver mine, the Junior Olsen Gang embark on a thrilling hunt to prevent the Jewels from landing in the wrong hands.

The new film takes place in Oslo in 1960. Rocken swings in the street and the kids have had a taste of bananas. Egon Olsen is probably a time under house arrest at the orphanage for a plan that literally went in the water - and not just in the water but Bunnefjord will never be the same after this. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lilian W (fr) wrote: ???? ???????? ???? ???????...????? ???? ????? ????? ???? ??? ????? ???

Nate M (ca) wrote: Entertaining enough Lego based kids movies. Numerous movie references that made me chuckle. Recommended for the 3-7 crowd.

Alfin N (de) wrote: You'll love the tongue in cheek black humor, also the whole Oscar nomination, arthouse movies, Hollywood, banks, and bad investments dry jokes. And no, this isn't comedy.

Private U (ca) wrote: Sizemore! Seen clips and it looks awesometastic.

Leeann R (ag) wrote: I only sat through to see if it would pick up. It didn't.

James S (it) wrote: One of my all-time favourites. I don't care about cliche. It makes me want to dance!

Stella D (au) wrote: definitely the sweetest of kitano's films and a chance for him to show his comedic talents. it's not quite like most american films with similar themes. kitano plays off his gangster image as a loud mouth lowlife who still manages to intimidate people. the kid is a bit of a blank slate with deadpan expression through most of the film. lots of quirky characters and odd situations with a minimum of sentimental mush, altho the music gets a little sappy at times. overall charming

Derrick M (ca) wrote: Excellent, well told and beautifully acted. Simple tale of food and family.

Brandon S (au) wrote: I don't understand how this film has gotten such a bad rap over the years, it's stood the test of time and is still shocking and emits a solid scare factor. The acting is above average for an 80's slasher film and the special effects look great. Still the story does present a few holes from time to time, who cares today it's a great cult classic that few have given the time of day.

Wes S (ca) wrote: The plot is strange and long, and the dialog-less protagonist doesn't leave a lot to desire. It does have an interesting concept, but it didn't deliver like I was expecting it would. The film has this dull feeling to it, but still manages to be watchable, and partially enjoyable.

Daniel E (br) wrote: Do not fuck with Charlie Bronsons melons.

Ryan P (ag) wrote: Besides the brilliant and beloved Christmas special, this is certainly my favorite Peanuts production. Wisely snatching The Sherman Brothers, best-known for their work on Disney features, the score is spectacular and ranks up there with their best material. Some say Snoopy Come Home is too dark and depressing to sit through more than once, but I think it mostly finds the right mix - although I have to admit a few scenes are rather heartbreaking and disturbing. The "No Dogs Allowed" bit with Thurl Ravenscroft's husky vocals is always great.

Amber L (de) wrote: Michael Caine is recruited by turncoat agent Karl Malden to take part in a convoluted intelligence scheme orchestrated by a sinister, colossal mainframe computer. The electronic cerebellum can weigh millions of variables to forecast the complex cause and effect of various intelligence community actions A super right wing association of capitalist whackos are employing the computerized brain to dominate the world intelligence community, lubricate the wheels of commerce, and when the time is right, insanely invade the USSR via the frozen Bering Strait. (If they'd waited a few years, maybe they could have used the Palin house as their base camp.)Caine is recruited to courier a deadly virus, and infiltrate the right wingers as a double agent. But can he trust or believe anybody he has contact with? Black humor and intrigue combined with memorable action sequences make Billion Dollar Brain an exciting but dark Cold War satire..

Myles H (br) wrote: I've honestly never read the book and I regret not reading it(I'm gonna buy in a few weeks). But anyway,from my perspective I really liked it. I watched the theatrical version but I heard the directors cut is better so I'll upgrade in a few weeks too. The shots are gorgeous,I've brought up comparisons with the movie and pictures from the comic and it captures it almost perfectly. But the plot Is a bit stuffed(for me anyway) but I really liked this movie so seeing it multiple times doesn't bother me. I think this is one of those adaptations that can exist with or without the original source material,while it does have some changes here and there but I think it was necessary for the setting of the movie Zach was going for.

Skipp D (kr) wrote: Slow, boring and nothing original. So summarize, this film kinda sucked.

Ll B (ag) wrote: Pretty boring for the most part but the end definitely saved it from being total crap. Rock n Roll saves the world. Natch.

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