The Kane Files: Life of Trial

The Kane Files: Life of Trial

Scott Kane (Drew Fuller), a man with a checkered past is trying to live a clean life. When his son Owen falls ill, Kane finds his only option is to turn to Daniel Morgan (William Atherton), the local kingpin of the criminal underworld. Morgan offers to help Kane's family, but double-crosses him. When Morgan tries killing Kane by employing a dirty cop, Jace Olsen (Ethan Embry), Kane escapes from prison to seek his revenge and save his son. With the FBI (William Devane) and Police (Embry) on his tail, Kane must utilize all his deadly skills to save his family and himself.

Scott Kane (Drew Fuller), a man with a checkered past is trying to live a clean life. When his son Owen falls ill, Kane finds his only option is to turn to Daniel Morgan (William Atherton),... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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