The Kentuckian

The Kentuckian

A frontiersman and his son fight to build a new home in Texas.

A Kentucky widower bound for 1820's Texas with his young son is thwarted in his efforts by a corrupt constable, a long-standing family feud, and a beautiful indentured servant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin G (mx) wrote: Raw, odd and fascinating view of selling. If you are intrigued but what makes people tick and the surreality of real life you may enjoy.

Daniel B (ca) wrote: I didn't expect much. This movie has excellent acting and in an unpretentious way does manage to be funny and speak to us depressed American Liberals about not giving up and running away.

Wayne F (es) wrote: Dull and boring morelike. The casting was terrible and when Matt Lucas turned up it seemed to become a comedy. The only good thing was the ok special fx

Hector C (kr) wrote: MUY COMICA E ILARANTE

Sarah Z (ca) wrote: This is one of Lasse Hallestrom's best films. Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter star in an offbeat comedy where the characters are the punchlines. Holly Hunter gives another excellent performance with a dead on Boston accent. Dreyfuss plays the most enigmatic character, the one "tearing apart" the family, and so has the central role, but his past remains a mystery. When we first encounter him he is alone, a man in his sixties perhaps, staring out over the sea, with behind him a divorce only recently finalized. A funny and serious movie about a man who meets his wife and tries to fit in with her family.Fly me to the moon.........

Daniel A (br) wrote: Long before the Academy awarded Kathryn Bigelow her Best Director Oscar in 2010, the Golden Globes had given their first female Best Director award more than twenty five years earlier. The woman to receive such an honour? Barbra Streisand. No matter what your opinion of her, there can be no denying that Ms. Streisand is one talented lady. A fine actress of both stage and screen, multi Grammy winning recording artist, and a director too. Yentl is testament to her ambition and fearlessness as an auteur. However unless orthodox Jewish, gender-bending musical-dramas are your particular preference, Yentl might not be a film you particularly enjoy. The story follows Streisand's Yentl, a brash but intelligent girl who wishes to spend her days studying Jewish scripture rather than tending to household chores; something frowned upon in Orthodox Judaism. Following the tragic death of her father, she cuts her hair and dresses as a man in order to enroll at university and become a scholar. Naturally this leads to a complex web of deceit, as Yentl falls in love with her classmate Avigdor (Mandy Patinkin), and herself becomes the object of desire for a young woman named Hadass (Amy Irving). What unfolds is a deepening triangle of love and lies that escalades to startling levels before Yentl admits the truth. Throughout the film Streisand narrates her character's inner monologues through a series of musical numbers, though few stand out. Most notable is 'Papa, Can You Hear Me?' which has become easily the most famous song from the soundtrack. As a challenge to traditional gender roles and the pure primitiveness of such extreme patriarchal society, Yentl manages to get its message across fairly well. It's honest and heartfelt, and shows the lengths some are willing to go in order to achieve equality. However the biggest problem here lies in the fact that Streisand is so clearly a woman in every scene. Fair enough, I can imagine that some of the men in the academy may not notice her lack of facial hair and womanly voice, but the only person in the entire film who suspects anything is a half-blind old lady. While I know the story is much more about what Yentl's cross dressing represents rather than how good it actually is, I couldn't help but be distracted by how glaring this problem is, and as such felt the credibility of the film suffered. Similarly I found it hard to agree with Yentl's constant avoidance of telling the truth. She is given a number of opportunities to come clean, but instead takes the cowardly route, allowing her ruse to grow bigger and more damaging to those around her, even going to the extreme of marrying an unsuspecting young girl to avoid coming clean. As such I found Yentl a frustrating film. Though I admire Streisand's talents as both director and actress, as well as her intentions with the story, I found the complete lack of believability a real hindrance to my enjoyment of the film. Also as a musical the film fails to capture the essence of what made Streisand so wonderful in Funny Girl for example, and with the exception of one or two, the songs all sounds very similar.

Choo T (ru) wrote: Yeah positive about love.

Jillian L (it) wrote: So, this is a pretty interesting true story law drama about the use of needles in hospitals. First off, it was a topic I knew nothing about, so that part was fascinating. The only problem was that parts of the script got really jargon-y, both from a law and medical standpoint. Basically, I understood the majority of what was going on, but I wish I could have had a full understanding. Also, this movie is a bit slow paced, which got a little boring. On the flip side, what really shone out was Chris Evans' acting performance. Now, I love Captain America as much as the next person, but this gave him an opportunity to really play a character, and he did a really good job, it was completely different from anything I've ever seen him in. Overall though, a movie that could have been absolutely fantastic, is just decent.

Brandon S (mx) wrote: This movie may have broken some kind of record for the most explosions committed to film. However, with all the crazy and exciting action sequences, this movie just didn't have the heart or the eloquence that Woo's other movies had. Its also really hard to side with any of this characters.