The Key

The Key

In wartime England, circa 1941, poorly-armed tugs are sent into "U-Boat Alley" to rescue damaged Allied ships. An American named David Ross arrives to captain one of these tugs. He's given a key by a fellow tugboat-man -- a key to an apartment and its pretty female resident. Should something happen to the friend, Ross can use the key.

During World War II, tug boats conduct what are called salvage missions - picking up disabled ships. Not well equipped with weaponry, the tugs are sitting ducks for enemy fire. As such, the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Key torrent reviews

Kevin F (es) wrote: makes me laugh every time

Francis M (au) wrote: Touches of brilliance and others of basic poor direction. Yes it is a mess in one way, but mind thoughtful even though that's your job as a viewer as the director has not exactly made it easier. One to watch again (or re edit it, or re make it!) Still a super story.

Joan R (au) wrote: Outstanding performance by Marion Cotillard

Surya V (kr) wrote: This is how you should love, a good watch....damn those 7 bullets in the end but they made the movie !!!good good music !!!

Elliot D (de) wrote: Not as good as Rise Of The Foot Soldier but still a very good film based on the SHOCKING true story. Essex Boys is one of Sean Bean's greatest film performance. One of the best films of 2000. a great film from director Terry Winsor.

Senor C (ag) wrote: Why this ended up on the DPP's Video Nasties list is beyond me. Sure it's menacing @ times but there is nothing to get your panties in a bunch about. Sorta like an American Giallo w/ the killer's outfit ripped straight from Stripped Nude For Your Killer (motorcycle helmet & all). Maybe the makers of this thought it was an original idea but there's nothing too original in this slasher. In fact it uses the old head in the fish tank gag (ad nauseam because you even get it in the toilet) as it's key plot device. Basic formula plot as police investigate who is decapitating girls @ the nigh school but this time the killer is putting their victim's heads in water. You'll have to be soaking your own head not to figure how it all plays out

Claire C (gb) wrote: I know it word for word and still find it a magical story

Dylan H (ag) wrote: Cruella De Vil is easily one of Disney's most memorable and iconic villains and the sheer, emphatic charm of the dogs helps push this simple narrative along.

Jeremy C (ru) wrote: Again, Guinness shows himself as one of the greats. The dialogue and delivery is some of the best acting you could ask to see.

Tom H (ca) wrote: Good movie with Deborah Kerr moving in an old house as a governess for two small children. However she soon discovers something sinister regarding the children.

Robin D (nl) wrote: This movie is also about girls in a competition to lose their viginity and finding the right guy to lose it to. This movie has Tatum O'Neil too but the credits don't show her name along with some other big stars.

Chantal C (de) wrote: Just as good as the book series!

Laila K (nl) wrote: john smith <3 hahahaha jkjk. but i remember i did like him lmao. his name featured as all my childhood guy's name's in my games lol... and he's still alive!! :D

Kyle C (au) wrote: Jim Carrey is back, Redbull, and although this isn't his funniest movie, Redbull, it does keep you smiling throughout most of it, Redbull. A great tribute to Third Eye Blind here too, Redbull. So I am saying yes man to Yes Man, Redbull.