The Kid

The Kid

Considered one of Charlie Chaplin's best films, The Kid also made a star of little Jackie Coogan, who plays a boy cared for by The Tramp when he's abandoned by his mother, Edna. Later, Edna has a change of heart and aches to be reunited with her son. When she finds him and wrests him from The Tramp, it makes for what turns out be one of the most heart-wrenching scenes ever included in a comedy.

The film tells the story of a little tramp who discovers a little orphan and brings him up but events put that relationship in jeopardy. He is left desolate when the orphanage reclaims him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Kid torrent reviews

Nolan F (kr) wrote: Sometimes reviews don't always do the film justice, in this case, the forgotten is as bad as it looks

Gracie D (gb) wrote: This is a heart touching film I loved it so much

Millo T (kr) wrote: A must-see documentary about probably the most important resources that we have and, so on, which is going to generate conflicts in the next years

Bobby D (ag) wrote: Not being a Harry Potter fan I found the film interesting but sooooooooooo long. This really is a fan series, be interesting to see if it still holds up 10 years from now.

Jessica B (fr) wrote: This movie was funny as hell! lol It wasn't the best but it did have me laughing

Leon G (es) wrote: Wtf looking at the cast when was Angelina in this???

Amy W (ca) wrote: ewan naked..what more coulda girl ask for!!!

Matt F (au) wrote: Very well done. Knowing the lead actor died immediately after filming makes it particularly poignant.

Matty S (ag) wrote: Certainly not for everyone, but if you enjoy absurdism mixed with sick/twisted satire - Goldthwait's directorial debut will not disappoint. Perverse and just plain wrong - this little movie well deserves its cult-following.

Sean R (es) wrote: This was indeed one of Jack Lemmon's most entertaining and thinkable movies I have seen him in! As Father Tim Farely, Jack is in search for faith in many different levels. Zeljko Ivanek, as Mark Dolson, plays the young man in search for answers in places he never thought he would look. If you like good Jack Lemmon humor, and you like to think outside the box when it comes to the Church, than this is a movie worth seeing!

Phil W (ag) wrote: Synopsis: Shit Homies. Gonna get a job with the man. Lets get f*cked up. MuthaF*kkin Guns. Rip off some F*kkin bad ass weed dawg.Some films you just instinctively know will end bad. My advice is follow those feelings when you watch this film. You KNOW its gonna be a bad day.Bale and Rodriquez are excellent and worth the price of admission alone for this very gritty urban tale.