The Kid Brother

The Kid Brother

The most important family in Hickoryville is (naturally enough) the Hickorys, with sheriff Jim and his tough manly sons Leo and Olin. The timid youngest son, Harold, doesn't have the muscles to match up to them, so he has to use his wits to win the respect of his strong father and also the love of beautiful Mary.

The most important family in Hickoryville is (naturally enough) the Hickorys, with sheriff Jim and his tough manly sons Leo and Olin. The timid youngest son, Harold, doesn't have the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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R S (de) wrote: A chilling reflection on the realities of the surveillance and lack of privacy inherent in the digital lives we live. "But I have nothing to hide," until something happens to you and the media descends and suddenly your entire digital history is up for grabs... Because it's out there. Companies may promise privacy but, what do the T's and C's really say? Is there any real limit to the government's right to access our information? Is the endless expansion of the military and law enforcement really such a good idea? Do we really want the government to be able to break encryption on demand? It's probably ironic to be writing this on Facebook

Caroline S (ca) wrote: Angoissant de voir comment un pre et un fils peuvent tre loin l'un de l'autre jusqu' se nuire....Mais beau film, avec des personnages profonds et de jolies vues sur les vignes

Conrad K (mx) wrote: Terrible, horrible, predictable, terrible

Marya A (fr) wrote: LOVE the movie and it has the best songs ever!! A R Rehman has done a fantabulous job this time !!

Bruno L (kr) wrote: It was ok. Collin Farrell needs some acting classes. If you're looking for something a bit mindless, which we all have to admit is fun every now and then, I'd pick this flick. It's enjoyable for it is.

Deicy C (es) wrote: Crystal and De niro were awesome in this movie

Larry Y (it) wrote: another Sidaris guilty pleasure, this time with the lovely Samantha Phillips

Ash E (es) wrote: This movie had some classic characters in it. I am not really sure how so many people didn't like it. I laugh so hard every time I watch it.

Nicolas A (es) wrote: A gripping story about politics, religion, poverty, corruption, greed and society. The directing is just outstanding, you really get into the movie, you feel real hate, compassion, understanding,.. and allot more due to Stijn Coninx's fantastic directing job. And the movie has Jan Declair's best performance, i might even call it one of the best performances ever! It was really amazing. Definitely one of the best Belgian movies ever !!

Daniel V (nl) wrote: I remember seeing this in the theater, loving and it becoming constant rental for the next couple of years. When I was 12 years old movies like this were like crack, I couldn't get enough to the point that the VHS tapes were wearing out. Rutger Hauer has been on my radar since Blade Runner and Ladyhawke, two of my faves in each genre. Watching him play a blind swordsman who takes on the Reno Mafia is still pure 80's gold. May have come out in the last year of that decade but from it's synthed and guitar infused score to it;s memorable one liners, it's 80's to the bone. Still a fun watch.

Shafquat G (kr) wrote: One of Adjani's best performances.

Jan L (ag) wrote: A nice picture of the early 1970th generation conflicts... with a smile! A very early Milos Forman quality movie!

Megan S (br) wrote: Great coming-of-age tale with unforgettable music. I loved it and I really wanna see it again soon.

Carmela (gb) wrote: A very, very interesting movie - such complex and compelling characters! It's not a plot-driven film, which makes it so large in scope and realistic, actually, as we follow Rick Martin from childhood to adult life. The symbolism is quite profound and the theme, very worthwhile. Amy's (Lauren Bacall) inability to play the piano boldly reflects her inability to find a purpose in life. Rick's (Kirk Douglas) struggle to reach the high note on his trumpet reflects the impossibility of finding life's purpose in musical talent alone. Jo's (Doris Day) simplicity exemplifies the honest, selfless, caring goodness we should all strive for to be truly happy. Art Hazzard's (Juano Hernandez) words to Rick are also quite didactic when you think about it. A quite inspiring film, I'd say, that wonderfully moves above the genre/cliche summaries it is given on the DVD cover!And the music, of course, was top-notch. I loved hearing Harry James do his magic! And Doris Day, of course. What a musical feast! The acting, especially by Kirk Douglas, was very good. I actually came into this not caring much for watching Douglas, but in the end, he came off as a very likable guy, the occasional boyish innocence confused by a world that does not make sense.

Jack M (mx) wrote: Great fun. The best Disney Marvel film to date. The soundtrack is inspired and so too is the vibrant use of colour. I Am Groot.

Randy Y (au) wrote: Interesting in that it may add some depth to the study that many of us Psych students learned of in University. But as a movie, it was a little dull- the plot was straight forward, characters were average, pace was a little slow... The interesting part about the movie was how they almost vilified the experimenter and his obsession with seeing the experiment thru.