The Kid Sister

The Kid Sister

A madcap comedy about a kid sister who tries to steal her older sister's boyfriend. Her plan involves joining forces with a burglar to rob the unfortunate suitor's home.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:56 minutes
  • Release:1945
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   boat,   rescue,  

Joan Hollingsworth is the younger sister of Ethel and their mother believes Ethel is entitles to all the advantages until she acquires a husband, but Joan thinks otherwise. Forbidden to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Kid Sister torrent reviews

Himjay B (jp) wrote: Great theatrical joy ride!!!

Aga A (it) wrote: Love it when certain things are left untold. That's exactly what happens in this movie. Keeps you engaged despite the slow pace.

Alejandro L (de) wrote: Floja, muy floja es de esas pelculas en que no pasa nada, el director desaprovecha el encanto de Jennifer tratando de pasarla por una mujer normal. Y Steve hace un papel de tonto.

Jaime L (us) wrote: After the success of the original American Pie and its sequels the producers are desperate to earn all the money that they can exploiting this tittle and they've done many movies with this subject but with different actors; the results; a few of them are decent, most of them are pretty bad. Although this one has the same characters that "The Naked Mile" had it's really bad. "The Naked Mile" was very decent and funny movie in fact is maybe one of the best but this one is boring, predictable and not funny at all. In two words bad movie.

Zaar D (ru) wrote: I thought that was JC van Damme...I almost LMAO

Heather M (ca) wrote: This movie was fantastic. I am unsure how much is actual fact and how much is interpretation for an entertaining story and I don't care. The cast was amazing and I loved every minute.

Kyle O (jp) wrote: It had its fun parts to it.

Brenda B (de) wrote: a scenic view of the 80's ball scene. a cult classic for the 80s "legendary children"

Lela E (ca) wrote: Kelly Preston is still hot!!!!

Steven V (mx) wrote: I love gangster movies...this is one of the best!

Brian D (it) wrote: so much better for me than "those magnificent men" great. humor based on stereotypes works brilliantly, love terry Thomas as well as pete & dud, and the german guy, genius! wish they would release it on DVD!

Orlok W (it) wrote: A slow burner, but a satisfying character study--Hard to find a place with no bruises!!

Frances C (fr) wrote: They should have called this "Farewell, My Quiet American, I Enjoyed Being Your Fan Tan Fanny." Flower Drum Song is enjoyable crap, but it is crap nonetheless. I can argue that it paved the way for even more stereotype-laden but enjoyable productions (*ahem*Miss Saigon). Bonus points if you can answer this question: Why the hell does Wang Ta NOT choose Helen Chao--why is Helen not even an implicit contestant in the marriage race? Why is the contest between Mei Li (the racially and culturally pure) and Linda Low (the assimilated Western Asian woman)?

Daniel H (ag) wrote: Nearly terrible, if not for its sheer uniqueness as one of (make that the only) Danish monster movie. Covering all of the required B-Move formulas, with the added bonus of giving New York and Tokyo a rest in favor of exotic (and hilariously modeled) Copenhagen.The final icing on the cake is the absurdly pupeteered Reptilicus, which dangles on marionette strings and has a non-existent body almost always hidden by a convenient grove of trees.The American version removes a hilariously bad flying sequence, but fear not, it adds a laughable "special effect" of neon projectile goo.