The Kid Stays in the Picture

The Kid Stays in the Picture

Documentary about legendary Paramount producer Robert Evans (the film shares the same name as Evans's famous 1994 autobiography).

Documentary about legendary Paramount producer Robert Evans (the film shares the same name as Evans's famous 1994 autobiography). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Kid Stays in the Picture torrent reviews

Karen R (kr) wrote: Loved this movie. The critics are biased idiots

Andrew M (es) wrote: The Dilemma is more of a drama film than a comedy film. When I first saw this movie it was horrible. Vince Vaughn was horrible in this movie and it is probably his worst movie yet. I would not suggest this movie.

Vania C (es) wrote: Dark, twisted, disturbing, unusual...I wouldn't rent it again, if I could do it all over again.

MEC r (nl) wrote: Well, it's Ron Jeremy people!!.. This man sucked himself off.. so hey... need I say MORE!!?! LOL

John Eric D (kr) wrote: Re-watching Scarface for the 2nd time makes more sense and indeed truly an awesome film with amazing performances. Al Pacino's best performance ever. Tony Montana's character is a very charismatic man with humble beginnings. This is one of those character driven films where you can feel for the character's emotion. Everybody wants an American dream like he did. Though all these politics in narcotic drugs involving drug overlords still exists till this day that will never end. Which makes this film a real deal! I can appreciate Miami more on this film. Watching it on blu-ray and seeing those sights in Miami, it's just beautiful. I wanna live in the 80s! This is definitely one of the best character driven films if not THE best ever! Must owned and must have home video.

Adam L (us) wrote: Though the first reel doesn't have much of a bite and co-star Peter Chan Lung has never been so vexing "Encounter of the Spooky Kind" is notable for being one of the first films to marry horror and martial arts -- effectively -- due in large part to Sammo Hung's work in front of and behind the camera. Watch out (literally) for an unrecognizable Yuen Biao in a brief uncredited cameo as a vampire summoned to do battle with an unsuspecting Sammo. Speaking of staying alert some audiences will justifiably be disgusted by the decapitation of a live rooster during one sequence where Chan leads an occult ceremony.

Dave L (es) wrote: Terrible film, saved by the music and the feeling of the time that comes through in spades. Best moment - other than the songs - the punk in the gold jacket on the stairs with the tape machine! he should have gotten a recording deal IMO.

Hans J E (de) wrote: Another 1914-short of Chaplin's.

Juls XD H (es) wrote: i love all of the movie , a good adaptation, good actors and great characters, this movie take you to a new world between the fantasy and the reality :)

Cliff M (jp) wrote: Gibson brings a compelling and brilliant presence into his neurotic character who see conspiracies everywhere. But is it all in his head?