The Kid with a Bike

The Kid with a Bike

Abandoned by his father, a young boy is left in the hands of an unqualified childcare provider.

Abandoned by his father, a young boy is left in a state-run youth farm. In a random act of kindness, the town hairdresser agrees to foster him on weekends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David D (ca) wrote: This is an Indian movie without a single dance number. it is an excellent mystery thriller that bears comparison to the work of Alfred Hitchcock or Henri-Georges Clouzot. And it has a great final twist -- entirely foreshadowed by events earlier in the picture but I did not see it coming. Western audiences may feel that the scenes after the final twist run too long but that is at most a small flaw in an excellent film.

Laura L (br) wrote: Con lo que creo una importante influencia de David Lynch, una pelcula que en un punto parece totalmente "obvia" y nos termina dejando sin entender mucho - por no decir nada. Muy buena la puesta en escena, aunque coincido con un comentario que le por ah en que el uso de filtros a veces queda demasiado obvio y artificial... de todas formas quizs sea la intencin...

Peter J (nl) wrote: Not as strong as the first part ("Munnabhai M.B.B.S."), but still enjoyable - mainly due to engaging performances by Sanjay Dutt & Boman Irani (terrific as conniving builder) and charming song & dance numbers. The movie combines comedy, drama - and a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

Neslihan B (ca) wrote: neresi chick flick anlamadim. ic karartici :/

FilmGrinder S (gb) wrote: 92% Falls just short of being an epic gangster film.

John T (jp) wrote: This is pretty good. It shows that rape is not always so clear cut...

Galvy F (mx) wrote: When we see America's past time through the eyes of those whom could see before we were born, to see this sport is in our family. When what we see is passed down to us a moment where we could see much more then a game but all of life. When we see the world in a way baseball is played we take all the best aspects about it and see through the eyes of all passionate fans that want to see their home town team win. When we see we are as passionate about our team then anything else we wee, we see a really nice guy whom could one day see us this way. When we see just about everything to know from the past, present and future of a team to see we have just began seeing a team. When we see we have other life's, which we like to come back to see somethings that connects us to what we like seeing, we enjoy how much this game does for us on and off the field. When we see that we have large hurdles, big green monsters to overcome, we see can get through things when we make an effort to make somethings work. When we see somethings are conflicting with one another when life makes us see we can keep seeing life this way, we change. When what makes us see the game is love for everything about ever since we were introduced to it as a kid. When we never let go if the kid even when we grow up, when it reminds us of happier times we wished to see all the time. When we see money, friends, work is no object for going to every game to see our team. When we see we been through a lot to see it all come to end when we see this is going nowhere when we see that what rekindles our passion once again is seeing someone else just like us feel the same way too to give us that boost when the odds are against us to lift us up and see we are in the company of greats when we win the 2 love of our life's the world series & our wife. When we see we can have it both, to break the mysterious curse in why we can't find that special someone we have been dieing to see all these years. When we see all the great moments to share it with good company, our love, and those we keep inside of us as see ourselves grow our family larger.

Brian P (fr) wrote: Weak movie. VERY WEAK

Henna S (de) wrote: Ali Zafar saves Chashme BaddoorWith memories of Deepti Naval and Farooq Shaikh, one enters the cinema all ready to be entertained with the modern version of Chashme Baddoor but surprisingly thats not the case... even with big names like David Dhawan and Ali Zafar, the film turns out to be just time-pass."Classics cannot be recreated", says Rakesh Bedi, from the cast of the classic Chashme Baddoor, but that was the challenge that David Dhawan took up and he knew what he was getting into...Remaking a 1981 classic and that too thirty-two years later is an extremely difficult task. David Dhawan has directed this remake with a youthful touch and casted some amazing comic actors, the all-rounder and charming Ali Zafar, who plays the main lead while the side-kicks are funny man Divyendu Sharma and the talented Siddharth Narayan, while the female lead is played by a new actress Taapsee Pannu. The supporting cast boasts of big names like Rishi Kapoor and Lilette Dubey. Not to forget the special appearances by Juhi Chawla and Varun Dhawan. The film starts with a good pace and is fun to watch with a punch here and there. Half an hour into the film and Taapsee Pannu's ordinary looks and average acting start boring you. Although one tries to satisfy himself/herself by concentrating on the exotic locations, the fine sets, the comic element and of course the naughty Ali Zafar, yet every time you see the female lead, your heart starts sinking.The film's story is very much like the original except for a new love-angle created between Rishi Kapoor and Lilette Dubey, which is fun to watch and is rather cute. On the other hand, the editing is pacey but the screenplay does not has much to offer. The predictable story line steals the fun of the events and the only saviour is the music. Sonu Nigam's Har Ek Friend Kameena Hota Hai and Early Morning stand out while Ali Zafar's Dhichkyaaon Doom Doom is a fun song that one might hum even after the film ends.David Dhawan's direction is good, overall the actors do a decent job, except for Taapsee Pannu, who is extremely unattractive and ordinary. One wishes throughout the film that the female lead was anybody else but Taapsee. Therefore, beyond doubt, it is Rishi Kapoor and Ali Zafar's performance that saves the film and makes it watchable. A must watch for Ali Zafar fans.Rating: 2 stars out of 5.

Sebastian I (br) wrote: Louis de Funes est geniale, tout simplement geniale ! Tres tres hysteriquement drole !

Jos M (gb) wrote: Aburrido film de serie B

Michael T (ag) wrote: Gloria was crashed out and I decided to watch a film I did not remember from the 80's. Michael Caine, Demi Moore.. how could I go wrong? Easily, I'm afraid. What were they thinking when they made this? It is about an old pervert who hooks up and falls in love with his best friends 20 year old daughter. Nothing funny about this film. Not recommended.

Dustin P (kr) wrote: It's not bad, it's not great, it's just kind of...there. The hour and a half runtime goes by very quickly and it almost felt like a short film instead of a theatrical release. The acting is good. The story is fine. It just didn't really do much for me. It didn't leave me with much to complain about or to praise. I just don't really have a lot to say about it.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: The Ruins is based on the source material by Scot Smith who also wrote the film, and it's about a group of friends that are having a vacation in Mexico, and they met a guy who's looking for his brother in an abandoned Mayan temple. So they found it, but what they didn't realize are the dangers coming from the vines. When I saw the trailers for it, I thought it was an interesting villain for a horror film as I never see the vines be the main creature for a horror film. I only saw those vines as a supernatural creature in something like Evil Dead, but only were there for a few minutes. After watching the film, I honestly thought that it could've been so much better, but was good for what it was. The acting is better than your average horror film, but nobody really stand out, and they are not really something that I will remember. The effects look really good which I really thought that the vine effects look real and they freaked me out a bit. The characters are really forgettable as I really don't know much about them at all. Some of the character choices get really stupid that it was getting really annoying. The script by the author himself is fine, nothing special, and the premise is really creepy when you think about it. I did find it interesting to see where it was going, and there are some creep factor to it as they are sitting on a Mayan temple that is surrounded by vines. I wish it could've been more scary, or more psychological as there were some of that here, and they were well done. I like The Ruins fine and I'm glad to see something like this as it's usually haunted films or slashers that I go watch, I just wished that it could green better.