The Kids Who Knew Too Much

The Kids Who Knew Too Much


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Courtney K (ca) wrote: another "tooth fairy" -- although i did kind of like this story line in this one better than others. but i did think the acting was bad and the dialog was cheesy, so i wouldn't say it's necessarily a good movie if you're looking for one that's decent in those fields. and honestly, who doesn't finish their research before they go helping random ghosts? which brings me to another point -- who decides to keep researching after they've solved the problem? not very logical from a realistic standpoint. but i did appreciate the twist at the end.

Laure E (ca) wrote: Film marrant avec une excellente BO.

Thomas F (ca) wrote: Better than what I expected TBH, decent coming of age drama.

MyFriendAli (es) wrote: Pretty Good Romantic Movie, not that funny, but Great Job with Skating!- About a Guy Supporting/Falling in love with a Girl who loves Skating, but loses her Eye sight in an Accident because of the same guy! - Moral: "There are Two types of people in the World, Yera & Shawnraw!" (Lafangey Parindey 2010)

Erik P (nl) wrote: I definitely liked the movie. The suspense of her deciding on whether or not to stay made it all that better. There definitely needs to be a sequel, especially after reading the second book in the series.

Dmitry F (ru) wrote: brutal, honest, politically incorrect. What else you want from the movie?A movie about special squad police work in Brazil, showing the picture from the police side of the story. Methods are brutal and unlikely long-term efficient. Movie also shows a boot camp and though I did reflect it to the boot camp I went through, mine was a walk in a park filled with flowers.

Keira R (au) wrote: I'm on the fence about this one. While it's very realistic, I wasn't impressed with the film. Good performances by Ryan Phillippe & Channing Tatum (yes, beefcake delivers), good subject matter, but eh! Not horrible, not great.

Taija H (gb) wrote: Ei tm ollutkaan sellainen lapsuuden perinteinen Lassie-leffa, jossa Lassien kanssa seikkailee Elizabeth Taylor, vaan tll vuosituhannella hienosti tehty, kauniita maisemia pursuileva, 30-luvun Englantiin ja Skotlantiin sijoittuva koskettava ja jnnittv perhe-elokuva, joka sai tipan paitsi tyttrien mys idin silmn...

Alejandro E (ru) wrote: A fitting conclusion to one of most exciting sagas of action; Connery and Ford form a dynamic father and son team with the right dose of humor. Dont waste your time with the 4th episode.

James H (us) wrote: Solid thriller, but a bit overlong. Excellent acting by William Holden, intriguing story that is well written and convincingly done.

Anthony V (ru) wrote: Just as funny as the first, and a vast improvement over the first sequel.