The Killer Eye

The Killer Eye

A mad scientist's experiment goes awry, turning a homeless man's eyeball into a giant killing machine that has an insatiable appetite for young women.

A mad scientist's experiment goes awry, turning a dead homeless man's eyeball into a giant killing machine that has an insatiable appetite for young women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monet J (gb) wrote: was ok? I guess. It had its funny moments. Protraying American Idol and how lame and fake it is made it interesting.

Alexandra W (es) wrote: Fun-to-watch thriller that leaves a few questions unanswered, just for the fun of it. Good performances, too. I wish the ending hadn't been so rushed, though.

Jessica O (mx) wrote: I thought this it was funny as hell!

Joey G (de) wrote: While it may be brutal to endure the intense emotion associated with this film and the raw methods of approaching it, I feel that anyone with a heart will find it impossible to see it to the end without feeling something considerable. This film treats the horrors of school shooting with the dignity and respect the victims and families of the victims greatly deserve, and genuinely shows the compassion that is so rarely shown to such horrible events.The acting is brilliant, particularly from that of Busy Philipps, and while it may be difficult to sit through it for some people, I believe the experience will always be rewarding, and entirely unforgettable.

Yanira C (gb) wrote: is funny but i like the 1th one more

G Brandon H (gb) wrote: Scorsese's and Allen's segments are enjoyable but didn't really care for Coppola's.

Brendan O (us) wrote: Proof that bad movies can be awesome. This is another of Bruno Mattei 's American classic ripoffs, I won't say which one, oh that wacky Italian. For everything that over-the-top and cheesy about this, it can just hook you from the box cover alone. Reb Brown, forget Chuck Norris or Jean-Claude Van Damme, this is real deal as BS action heroes goes, nothing remotely resembling dignity in this performance; from his goofy demeanor to his total spaz attacks. this is very, very, very bad movie but just as entertaining, Strike Commando is a cult classic that been recently rediscovered, thank you Noah 'Spoony' Antwiler.

Luis Dirceu d (ru) wrote: This film isn't simply dark and disturbing: it has the ability to destroy every single bloody trace of idealism you might have.More frightening than your average horror movie, more devastating than any drama film ever made, a worse war-related nightmare than Apocalypse Now, you get the idea...It is a great movie; perhaps a little TOO efficient in proving it's point to the viewer. If you wanna watch, BEWARE: you won't be the same person ever again, I'M DEAD FUCKIN SERIOUS!!!

Matthew W (de) wrote: Fairly typical Hammer horror entry; the not-too-surprising tale of a mythical creature terrorizing a Balkan village. Ends too abruptly! I guess closure in a movie costs extra.

Gareth D (kr) wrote: Top of the pops. One of those perfect movies that rings like a bell. And Marylin Monroe is beautiful. Now there's somebody who is perfect!

Kandy L (fr) wrote: A web of interweaved lives that show interesting love relationships between different couples. I loved how the movie was filmed. All-star cast.

Rob B (ag) wrote: It was a funny movie not to be taken seriously. Just something to laugh at.