The Killer Who Never Kills

The Killer Who Never Kills


Trevor Ou is The Killer Who Never Kills, an assassin who earns the trust of his targets before snuffing their lives – and he does it without killing them! Trevor fakes the deaths of his targets and gives them new identities, but when his first target Grace returns – and reveals her love for him – Trevor may need to find a more permanent solution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Shu Z (au) wrote: nothing too special, but charlotte gainsbourg is really really attractive

Tor M (ca) wrote: Fabin Bielinsky's first out of two full lenght films. I'm really looking forward to "Aura" now. This film got a fantastic flow and development. Time flies by, you are always entertained and the film just keeps on going. The pace is flawless in this neat, smart film that also got a great script. It feels a lot like the "Ocean"-films in a way. It's playing tricks with your mind and you can admire it, just as you do with con tricks. Sadly it's quite meaningless after all. It's the kind of movie that don't stay with you for a very long time, but that does not mean that it's poor, it's two hours of enjoyment. Humour, mind games, semi-action and tense stuff all over the line withou getting stupid.7.5 out of 10 queens.

George D (br) wrote: "I'm just wild about Harry, he's just wild about me...". I definetely have a bit of both Harry and Michel in me. A fun little film for the whole family. A bit like National Lampoon's Vacation made by Alfred Hitchcock. I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't "remade" this one yet.

Private U (fr) wrote: No one knows about this movie. A tear-jerker that is sincere and genuine. Terrific acting a great script. Beautiful soundtrack as well.

Spookie M (fr) wrote: Ok 80s sex comedy from female perspective. Andrew dice clay is actually kind of funny in it.

Simon W (gb) wrote: classic kids movie would love to see it again

Levi S (au) wrote: My only reason for watching this is because I have a thing for horror movies that are so fucking horrible that it's entertaining. This did not disappoint.

Alexandre R (ru) wrote: En partant, l'inclusion de ce film dans le genre du film noir est extrmement discutable. Certainement, on retrouve un travail soign au niveau des nuances du noir et du blanc, et dans une certaine mesure il y a une femme fatale (bien qu'tant foncirement diffrente de l'archtype habituel), mais a s'arrte pas mal l.Ce qui ne veut cependant pas dire qu'il s'agisse d'un mauvais film. Si on le prend pour ce qu'il est, c'est dire un mlodrame, c'est mme un film assez efficace, et puis a demeure du Fritz Lang, donc rien redire au niveau de la ralisation qui est foisonnante de symbolisme (parfois un peu gros, parfois plus subtil, mais on est habitu). La vraie force du film rside cependant dans le jeu des acteurs, qui forment un trio vraiment solide. Barbara Stanwyck, qui a plus d'un film noir son actif, livre une performance de femme acerbe et cynique assez mmorable, tandis que Robert Ryan est parfaitement dgotant dans le rle du faux ami qui veut se sauver avec votre blonde. Et Paul Douglas, quant lui, se faonne un caractre qui n'est pas sans rappeler Lennie dans le clbre bouquin de Steinbeck. Tout le long, on attend le moment ou sa force brutale va se dchaner malgr lui.En partant, je suis pas mal vendu Lang, mais galement ce type de film "stagy" (c'est quand mme adapt d'une pice) qui rappellent un peu Tennesse Williams. Le thme gnral de l'oeuvre m'a accroch, mais c'est une apprciation tout fait personnelle, et je suis conscient que c'est un film qui peut rebuter certaines personnes. Mais pour moi, a a t une agrable surprise.

Andr D (kr) wrote: "Bad LIeutenant", el crudo y explcito relato didctico acerca de un polica malvado en busca de su redencin, incluye la mejor actuacin en la carrera de Harvey Keitel. Este es un cuento moral acerca del perdn que parece sacado del Antiguo Testamento: Inolvidable e inigualable.

Larry Y (kr) wrote: Horribly inaccurate. Just a cash-in product.

Jason K (br) wrote: Dont really remember much about this so i rewatched it last night. Not horrid and a forward moving story, just not a whole ton of take away, and still- not really the best fan of Hunt. Jolie can hold a movie as aways though.

James D (br) wrote: I don't need to tell you about this movie and how good it is you just need to watch this movie.

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