The Killing

The Killing

The Killing was Stanley Kubrick’s first film with a professional cast and the first time he achieved public recognition as the unconventional director he’s now known for. The story is of ex-prisoners who plan to set up a racetrack so they can live a life without monetary worries. One of the more exceptional films of the 1950’s.

Crooks plan and execute a daring race-track robbery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack H (ag) wrote: Great movie! Good plot and story makes sense.this is a non nonsense thrill that is rarely now a days.lots of unnecessary gore but that doesn't deter from the story.

Jus B (jp) wrote: Exactly what this bizarre film is, or attempts to be, is hard to say. Amateurish and inept beyond description, it has the feel of not exactly a very bad high school play, but more like the first rehearsal for a very bad high school play. But then about half way through the unremittingly cartoonish awfulness of it all I got the sense of a hidden subtext much like when watching a religious or political movie. It was only when I saw the credits that I figured it out, I think. This was made by a group of Canadian Burlesque aficianados. Only the Burlesque dancing itself (G rated nippleless striptease) is given any serious attention at all. The girls are indeed beautiful and skilled, they each did their own choreography, and everything else just didnt matter to the filmmakers. I wish they had made a frank documentary instead of a witless farce, but hey kids, dance on and have fun. Just dont call it a movie.

Amvle B (ca) wrote: It's great to raise awareness on the information we willingly give. It's good to be reminded of the repercussions in the misuse of our information. What's not good is spreading the idea that we could ever go back to that point in time when information was more difficult to access, simply because it wasn't digitized. We can't crawl back into a hole to keep our privacy. That's the reality of it.

Ian M (kr) wrote: A snippet of a segment of a moment. This movie has a charming set of characters and an interesting story. But, it just feels as though it ended quickly. It feels eccentric and silly, yet authentic. But, it reminds me that not every authentic moment can be genuinely portrayed in film.

Sharmista R (us) wrote: This movie is great (as much as I remember)...I watched it time ago!!!

Nicki M (mx) wrote: Way better than The Hunger Games.

Michelle C (br) wrote: the ending was surprising and quite revealing, it was worth watching.

Darian C (nl) wrote: This is a movie that is so horrible that it's great. This movie actually has scenes of another movie spliced in with it to make it longer and stolen music from "Dawn of the Dead". There is also several inserts of stock animal footage at random moments.

Pascal M (ag) wrote: the story is based and centred on the main character, magnificently played by Isabelle Huppert, and takes us through her doubts and cold approach to her life and her family until the drama unfold...

David W (au) wrote: Second best movie ever

Lasha G (au) wrote: I think it's the lost sense of Chaplinian Innocence, what makes "Port Of Shadows" so pure and so great. Unfortunately I had seen godar's "Breathless" before watching "Port of shadows" and at the end, which is so much like Breathless' that contrast between innocence and purity of heroes was even huger. Yes I speak like romantic but it's necessary. Here everything is so clear, you see clear Heroism, Love, Hate , Perversion and Cowardness. Jean Gaben's hero is a man and no one can do anything with it, he can't change himself, he acts like a man and dies like a hero. Visually it's so great too, in dark noir style, making nearly perfect melancholic mood. It's predictable, it's leading us to an end that we already know, it won't be happy-end, it's just like that artists tragic thoughts, who thinks there's always someone hiding behind the tree that's he drawing. It's great example of poetic realism, and one of the greatest of World Cinema.

Stafford V (ag) wrote: A funny classic that all should watch.