The Killing Game

The Killing Game

Eve Duncan is contacted, 10 years after the disappearance and murder of her 7-year-old daughter Bonnie, by a man claiming to be her killer. Taunted by his clues about Bonnie's case and his threats to kill again, she throws herself into her career as a forensic sculptor and works to close the case.

A forensic sculptor risks her life after receiving clues from her daughter's murderer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack S (de) wrote: Matthew Lillard failed to develop a single likeable character. Both leads failed to earn my sympathy despite pathetic stories. The real problem was that there was no direction for the film, and the plot seemed to move in random direction, and despite being only 94 minutes, it felt like I was sitting through a marathon of poor acting, shoddy directing, and ill-advised writing. A poor attempt at a coming of age film.

Evan M (gb) wrote: "Meet Ginger Baker, the man...the myth...the hero..." Thus begins a story that is hardly inspirational or uplifting. But does it need to be told? You bet your ass!!! A brilliant & genuine look at a rock star. Although not the one you would think. We drummers are a modest bunch, so it's nice to see one of us at the forefront for a change. Just sit back & watch. It's always the quiet ones...

Asif H (fr) wrote: Below average but innovative attempt at horror

Catherine L (es) wrote: The movie offers an interesting and refreshing take on a popular genre that rarely goes beyond the norm.

Thomas A (br) wrote: "Jakeun yeonmot" ("A Little Pond" in English) offers little in terms of cinematic story, but it unconceals a dark, painful history about the tragedy of No Gun Ri. For the history of modern Korea, this movie is a gem.

S C (au) wrote: Not horrible. Not great. I can appreciate low budget films but there is hardly any tension at all in the film, and there are some sequences that are borderline snuff/torture porn that aren't scary at all to me. Acting is atrocious at parts. But its okay if you like found footage.

George P (us) wrote: Corbin Bernson gives acting lessons to a young cast. The sublime Mr Benson plays a submarine commander trying to help a group of dickheads escape from an undersea facility. The special effects in this film were not the best but thanks to the prescence of Corbin Benson the threat of big angry sharks really came across.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: A corny, over-the-top, adaptation that exposes life behind the scenes of old school Hollywood, and the way in which it swallows up and spits out young girls. A more straightforward take would've probably had more impact, but there's no denying that this is engaging.

Jonathan R (ru) wrote: This movie is one of the wildest of the 1950s, but it's impossible to stop watching it once it starts. Anthony Quinn's Eskimo wife licking her newborn baby clean is not a sight I'll forget in a hurry.

James H (us) wrote: What a beautiful film. Janet Gaynor does give a remarkable performance, good work by Charles Farrell as well. Gladys Brockwell is excellent as her sister. Sweet story, very touching. Excellent art direction, very creative. An excellent silent classic.

JohnnyLee T (gb) wrote: Hudson is mesmerising as newspaper reporter Burke Devlin who is besotted by fly-by-night characters, especially sultry daredevil parachutist LaVerne Schumann (Malone). His character is worth all of the others put together. In the acting stakes too he shines brightly, adding nuance to his performance. Unfortunately the script is tarnished, especially if we are to believe Hudson's infatuation for LaVerne who proves herself to be mostly unloveable. If you like Depression era dramas, that will help you enjoy this more. And if you like the early world of flying, that will help too. But mostly watch it for Rock Hudson's intelligent performance.Based on a story by William Faulker.